Abuse Poem

Abusive Relationship Ends In Murder

Life is hard losing a friend. A woman who is tired of an abusive relationship finally ends it violently.

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Published: November 2007

You're at peace
while she's under attack.
Blood dripping down from
the knife in her back.
She's never felt so closed
off and alone,
All she wants is a place
to call home.
She loved you but
that wasn't enough.
Now She's the one
Who's got to stay tough.
All she knows is you
love her in her dreams,
But you ripped her
heart out at the seams.
Who do you think she'll be without you,
Where do you think she'll go?
She's forcing a smile,
Lights, camera, action it's time for the show.
She watches; as you
walk away,
She whispers under her breath;
"That boy will pay."
That night she took a gun to his head,
Then she pointed the gun at her heart.
Finally even with the boy
who ripped her apart.

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