Brother Death Poem

A girl who has lost her brother decides to finally let go of her grief.

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My Brother Josh And My Thoughts


Published: February 2006

The sun brings me to tears,
the same sun that burns away my fears.
When I think about my Brother Josh,
all I can say is oh my gosh.
when I thought about how he died,
I sat in his chair and just cried.
When I was with him in his room,
his heart was not beating that familiar boom.
The look he gave me with a sad smile,
reminded me of the days i was in denial.
I don't want to let him go,
but deep inside I'll always know,
that even though I can't see him, not even a glow,
he will always be there, this I know.
And as the time passes
I'll see him without my glasses
and without my glasses, I will see
once again, him and me.
When I write his name, I'm never in shame
even though I feel I have myself to blame.
because now I know his soul is freed
no more pain no more grieve.
Now as I look at the sky above,
all I see is his love,
Josh wherever you are,
with or without your car,
i will cry for you until my years pass,
and like you graduate at the top of my class.
and now as I end this skit,
I'll talk of no more pain, no more shit.
and you need to remember still,
JOSH I love you and always will!



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