Abuse Poem

From a dysfunctional family, a young girl found a father figure in a family friend... The rest you'll read for yourself. My wisdom to parents out there - love your children so they don't feel the need to go looking for it in the frightening world out there. K

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Stolen Innocence


Published by Family Friend Poems October 2009

I sat alone . . .
Unwanted, unloved,
Crying for little more than
A fragment of love.

Darkness embraced
The world I lived in,
Consuming each breath
Of light within.

Broke THROUGH you did,
Through darkness and chains,
Freeing me so, from the
Sadness and pain.

Awakening MY heart was,
From its deep sleep.
Yearning to soar and
Feel complete.

Loved and valued;
Tears in my eyes.
God heard my prayer,
Answered my cries.

YOU gave me wings,
And will, to fly . . . .

BUT that was then,
And what became,
Was another story
Or was it a game?


Love and trust
I had so come to know,
Meant nothing anymore

Let me escape
This world of pain;
Draw my life's essence
From every vein.

Take me to a world
Beyond the veil,
Where I can be loved;
AND TRUTH prevails.

A young girl's innocence,
Had long time gone.
Afraid to now live,
To carry on.

At age 18
It was all too much,
Alone and abused
I'd had enough.

Many the questions
I asked in my head;
Why would you do this?
What right did you have?

31 years I am today.
As I reminisces
my life away.

I also write to tell you of this
Of how I suffered, the wrongs you did.

Times heals all
Is what they say.
But remain, THIS WILL with me
Till my dying day. . . .
Of how someone I loved . . . .

Stole my innocence away . . . .

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