Growing Up Poem

All Grown Up And Realizing Your Childhood Is Gone

This poem is about running back to your childhood once you've grown up, only to find things have drastically changed over the years.

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The Childhood Song


Published: March 2018

Leaves dusted with white
Moon reflects through the night
Off the blanketed ground of sheer winter

Footsteps echo off trees
Snow is up to the knees
Run through woods fast like a sprinter

Bristling wind breaks the silence
Shattering glass in a riot
Trees make shadows around your own

Shivers crawl up the spine
Fear and cold intertwined
But refusal to go back home

The tree stump in sight
You collapse in the night
Relief, relief, relief

For it's been far too long
Away from the song
You once knew as a daily greeting

You settle and sigh
Small tears in your eyes
As you wait for the beautiful sound

But no noise to be made
Childhood has faded
The music has just died out

The creek doesn't hum
The bird whistles numb
And home this no longer feels

I'm afraid you've grown up
Childhood gone corrupt
Your past has all but sealed


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