Brother Death Poem

This poem was written the day that I found out my brother died. He was shot and killed by a police officer because he would not cooperate. I was never really that close to him, but I always dreamed we would be closer. In this poem I wrote the truth, and I was not afraid to admit that he made mistakes. He left so many people behind and so many problems as well. But through all of his sins I believe that God took him away for a reason.

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The Day You Left Us


Published: November 2008

That shallow, empty feeling inside,
Is what I feel since you died,
Why did you do so wrong,
We tried to help you for so long,
I thought your life would have changed around a bit,
You made a lot of mistakes, you have to admit,
In this family you came and went,
You said a lot that you never meant,
I wish I could turn back the past,
You would be here with us again at last,
Today, I am thinking about you more and more,
I never felt this way before,
You left your wife and kids behind,
Whatever happened that night
you had to be out of your mind,
With you my brother I wanted to grow old,
But now I can't because your life has been sold,
Sold to that better man in the sky,
The man who takes care of you when you die,



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