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The Most Horrible Treat


Published: February 2015

It seemed like a good idea at the time,
But looking back now I cringe just a little.
I was so hungry and it WAS once mine,
The week old milk and peanut butter brittle.

It wasn't just the smell,
No it was something much worse,
Yet I had nothing to rid me of this unquenchable thirst

The crust was thick and the color was off,
The smell was foul and made me cough.
Not before long the stench filled the air,
What's that?
Oh goodness, do I see a hair?

Now wait just a minute, this isn't fair,
Oh please, I'm so hungry, what else is there?
I looked in the pantry and I looked in fridge,
I'll go to the store sooner or later.

The most horrible snack,
When nothing to eat,
I admit it, I did it,
I ate the gross treat.



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