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Spring Break Love

Spring break love. I met the most amazing guy while in Florida on a road trip with my two bffs. He was beautiful with an amazing smile and I foolishly fell in love with him. Just like in the movies, the first time I met him I was walking along the beach and he fell upon me while trying to catch a football throw. We were inseparable until spring break ended and we never saw each other again. I like to think I've moved on..but I'll always love him.

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The Road Less Traveled By


Published: January 2012

I took the road less traveled by,
now where the hell am I?

I followed you blindly into the unknown, into the dark,
and now you're gone and you left your mark.

I look down and see the mark fades but leaves a scar,
I look up and see the light and I know I'm not far.

I try to start to move one and find my way back,
then I think of you and finally realize everything you lack.

I'm so close I can almost touch the light,
and you're no longer there to put up a fight.

instead I look up and see Him waiting,
I take his hand no longer debating.

I took the road less traveled by,
and now it's time to say goodbye.



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