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Waiting For Mommy To Come Home

What it's like to live with an abusive parent. This is to dedicate to my friend Brittany. Even when life gets too rough and makes you want to give up, keep going it ends someday.

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This poem is really sad but really good and well written. I personally have never been through physical abuse, but I am going through verbal abuse with my mom. Think you could write a poem...

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Maybe Daddy


Published: April 2008

as I walked through this door
I heard not one sound in the house
I thought maybe I'd get away tonight
without worrying where to hide

but I was wrong...
as I walk down this hallway
as glad as I could be
as I opened the kitchen door
you loudly popped out at me

yells went around, hits got thrown
one of us was standing
and one of us was down

I don't say anything
I just lay here crying
to weak to even speak
waiting for mommy to come home
but she's not.
so while you're hitting me
I'm thinking...

maybe it's to teach me a lesson
maybe to show me the pain you feel
or maybe because you're to drunk to realize

so as I hold my breath
wishing to fade away
I know you did this for a reason
that maybe I'll understand someday

but until then daddy
as you fight me
to only see me not fighting back
I hope you learn
that abusiveness..
can only make you lose everything
that ever tried to love you

so maybe daddy
as you're standing
over my casket
your thinking
maybe I shouldn't of..

but I'll never know
what you think daddy.
so coming from your little girl
I forgive.
at least I'm with mommy
and she says she forgives you too.

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  • Dominations by Dominations
  • 4 years ago

This poem is really sad but really good and well written. I personally have never been through physical abuse, but I am going through verbal abuse with my mom. Think you could write a poem about that?

  • Kaylee Mitchell by Kaylee Mitchell
  • 8 years ago

I was abused for 13 years. I was afraid to tell anyone. It seemed like everyday it got worse. I was afraid to come home. I had broken ribs, black eyes, bruises everywhere. I was told that if I told anyone that I would be killed. I was terrified. I was also sexually assaulted more than once. I finally spoke up about it 3 years ago. I got some help...but I am still afraid. I'm always careful. I am scared of every man out there. I'm only 16 and I can't trust anyone! I will never forget what happened to me...but I want to help others who are going through the same thing. No child or adult should be abused.

  • Austin Ruthven by Austin Ruthven
  • 9 years ago

I can relate to this. But even though my parents can't understand me and I something do what's right, we do love each other. I'd never leave my parents because they had never done anything too far yet. I had read as a kid that yelling and hitting your child only causes fear and absence of love. Sure discipline is important but abuse is the last thing a child needs to learn discipline. Great poem!

  • Xenia by Xenia, Illinois
  • 10 years ago

With me it's also my step-mom... She has always hated me with a passion just because I am young and well at first dad loved me more because I was his little girl... Then I turned 12 and got my monthly "friend" and everything started to change... My dad started to hit me then 'step-mom' started to help... Then we moved and it got worse and I tried to run away twice... It was bad when I got back and both times the cops got involved but I knew they wouldn't believe me I was just a troubled teen you know? That's my story sorry there's so much...

  • Kelly Camp by Kelly Camp
  • 11 years ago

my dad is the exact same. I haven't gotten away though. that is why I'm moving out with my sister. only she has the power to calm my dad down. she is the reason I'm actually still alive and breathing. I can feel your pain. Sorry

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