Abuse Poems by Teens

Abuse Poems by Teens

Poems about Victims of Child Abuse

When a child is a victim of abuse by a member of their family, their world has changed forever. They may have loved their abuser and the abuser has turned the relationship into something sadistic and cruel. The victim of abuse is likely to feel very confused. How can they sort out the feelings of affection that they have for their abuser with the sick and disgusting act that was done to them. Feelings that result from abuse should not be buried away. As painful as it is, victims must talk about their experience and share their pain with others. Finding meaning in suffering is the road to healing.

Poems about Abused Children

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  1. Blind In Love

    • By Jena M. Epright
    • Published: October 28, 2021
    Abusive Relationship

    I was in love,
    But I was blind.
    Didn't notice the signs,
    Didn't notice the warnings.

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  2. Of Monster And Man

    I can never go to sleep.
    He will always be waiting for me.
    I tell him to go away, but he never does.
    His face looks like the face of a monster.

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  3. You...

    An Abusive Relationship That Caused Depression

    Your words to me are weakness.
    They slay me to the ground.
    Sometimes you make me feel lost,
    Though I'm wishing I were found.

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  4. Dad

    • By Jessica
    • Published: August 2017
    Telling Mom About Abuse

    I quiver as he stands above me.
    I'm curled up on the ground.
    He looks down upon me.
    I do not make a sound.

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  5. Self Portrait

    • By Alisin
    • Published: April 2017
    Molested By Best Friend's Brother

    I will now tell you a sad little tale
    About a young girl, so fragile and frail.
    A mere five years old was this little girl,
    With big blue eyes and a golden blonde curl.

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  6. I'm Left Silent

    • By Grecia
    • Published: March 2017
    Abuser Taking Away My Voice

    I'm left silent,
    I'm left in pain.
    You are so violent
    and completely insane.

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    Tears run down my face
    He screams, I cry harder
    I look at my father
    He is red and angry again

    What did I do, why I do suffer?
    Always a why, but never an answer
    Hurt, pain,...

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  7. Truth Behind The Lies

    • By Cheyenne K
    • Published: November 2016
    Wanting Someone To Know The Truth

    All people hear are my lies.
    Never could I tell them what really goes on
    Behind these tear stained walls.
    How every day I feel myself slipping farther away.

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  8. Dear Mom

    • By Marcella
    • Published: March 2016
    Poem About Mom Staying In An Abusive Relationship

    I'm tired of all the cops
    Coming over to my house.
    Will it ever end?
    Why do you have to fight all the time?

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  9. A Failed Mother

    • By Amy
    • Published: November 2015

    You tell me not to swear, yet you swear at me
    You tell me not to fight, yet you hurt me
    You tell me to be happy, yet you make me cry
    You tell me to work harder but never give me the time

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  10. Too Fast

    • By Samantha Hann
    • Published: November 2015
    Poem About Being Stuck In Abusive Relationship

    Everything is going way too fast.
    I am still trying to hide the bruises from my past.
    The scars are there
    that mirror my greatest fear.

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