Father Child Poem

A message to a father who has been in and out of their lives. It's too late! Stay out!

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My Wish For Freedom


Published: February 2006

Daddy left when I was one year old,
He needed to work some things out or thats what I was told,
He came and left a few times,
Always the same excuses and lies,
He switched from one job to another,
And found a new girlfriend one after the other,
Just when me and my mom are doing perfectly fine,
He promises that he's back to stay this time,
Spent 10 days in jail after a fight,
And for 13 years I've cried myself to sleep at night,
He wants us to be a perfect family again,
But it never will be not now nor then,
So let it go dad and let me be,
For the rest of my life just let me be free.



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