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  1. 41. Regret

    • By Liz Vu
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems March 2017

    My story is about the death of my mother. It happened when I was 10. She got cancer and passed away after 12 years of fighting against it.

    Dealing With Regrets After Mom Died

    I know
    This day will soon happen.
    I know
    God will take you away.
    Twelve years
    Of living
    Are too lucky
    For any cancer victim.
    But for you,
    It's never been too lucky.

    Early rainy morning
    Tiny water droplets
    Fighting against my windows.
    Clouds were cotton candy
    Covering the blue sky
    You laid there...
    As still as a tree.
    Your skin was as pale
    As snow,
    And your body was as cold
    As ice.
    Winds were howling,
    Through the front door.

    I smiled to my heart
    And reminded it
    To be strong.
    But I was wrong.
    My mind was flooded
    With all my faults.

    I regret when I shouted at you.
    I regret when I was mad at you for pathetic reasons.
    I regret when I refused to listen to your advice.
    Why didn't I treat you better?
    And I realized,
    How dumb I was to upset you,
    When all you ever wanted to do
    Was help me achieve the best things.

    Late for me to

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  2. 42. My Mother, My Friend

    • By CINDY L Nelson
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems April 2019

    This is an acrostic poem written for my mother; she passed away two years ago. The reason I still write today is because of her. I learned that writing poetry really helps a person dealing with the loss. Also, meeting wonderful people on a wonderful poem website. God has blessed me!

    Death Of Mother Acrostic Poem

    MOTHER, I want you to know I love you so.
    YOUR'E missed beyond belief, for you will never know.

    MEMORY is what God gave to us; you are my hero.
    OFFERING peace, love and one day soon a touch to show
    TRUTH is what you always taught; sometimes it is hard to swallow.
    HEAVEN is now your home, somewhere over the rainbow.
    EXCEEDING my selfish wants, Mama I live in your shadow.
    REALITY is here to stay as I scream your name on my pillow.

    MISSING you Mama, I sometimes get lost in sorrow.
    YOUR voice, your smile and loving ways are something that pierces my soul as I bellow.

    FRIENDSHIP is what I miss the most.
    REGAINING my confidence to carry on.
    INSPIRATION is what you gave, keeping your memory alive
    NIGHT and

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    A beautiful Acrostic poem, Cindy, in memory of your mother. I miss my mother, too. Not a day goes by when I don't think of her. She was amazing, as all mothers are. A mother holds your heart...

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  3. 43. Dear Mama

    • By Rebecca A Pruett
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems January 2017

    I struggle with talking to God. My mother was on a ventilator, and I didn't know if I would hear her voice again. A good friend told me to give it to God, so I did it the only way I knew how and I wrote this poem.

    Pleading With God To Let Mom Live

    Dear Mama, I love you so.
    I need you here; I can't let go.
    Your laugh, your smile is such a treat.
    You're the very best mama; you can't be beat.
    I want to be with you morning and night.
    I'm right here with you through this fight.
    I don't like to see you sick or sad.
    The way time flew just makes me mad.
    I cannot go on if you go away.
    I'm lost for words with so much to say.
    I learn to love, grow, and smile,
    And when it counts to walk that extra mile.
    Sometimes you didn't have the words to say,
    But I knew you loved me every day.
    I pray to the heavens up above
    To help this woman whom we love,
    To make her strong enough to fight.
    To take her from us would not be right.
    We need her here to be sane.
    We wish for you to take her pain.
    Angels above, come stand by her side.
    Let your love wash over her; bring in the tide.
    Heal her and help her through the dark.
    I love her so much with all of my heart.
    I cannot lose her, I cannot rest.
    I'll do anything to pass this test.
    She's so very important to me.
    I'm begging you, Lord, don't let her leave.

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    I know a mother is very important in one's life. I, too, love my mom very much. By reading this poem my eyes become full of tears. I knew the poet's feelings. Thank You.

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  4. 44. Mother's Day

    • By Karen J. Woodward
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems May 2017

    I wrote this poem about grief having lost my mother and how it hurts when Mother's Day comes. My mom died on September 5, 2014.

    Mother's Day And The Loss Of Your Mom

    As Mother's Day approaches,
    it fills me with such dread.
    Whilst others have their mothers,
    mine's gone, not here; she's dead.

    I see the cards and flowers around.
    To see it, it breaks my heart.
    I see people buying presents,
    I see them buy their cards.

    My heart, it aches, the tears well up.
    I feel I want to cry.
    Why did I lose my mother?
    Why did she have to die?

    Although mum's now in heaven,
    safe with angels and pain free,
    when mum died and left this world,
    her pain passed on to me.

    We had a special love,
    my best friend, my teacher, too.
    Oh, I wish I could be in heaven.
    I so long to be with you.

    So now I walk this earth
    an orphan child am I.
    No partner, kids, no family.
    Is this it till I die?

    So I'll be with you this Mother's Day.
    At your grave is where I'll be.
    Some flowers I will place upon you
    and think back to times you were with me.

    Memories and photographs are all
    that now remain,
    till my time comes when my life is done
    and we finally meet again.

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    Your poem is great. I lost my mother too, too early. Since then I have fought various aspects of loneliness. I miss her. Occasions come and go, some which reminds me of her bewitching smile,...

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  5. 45. Not Today

    • By Nikki L.
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems April 2009

    I realize now that only my strength will help me through this. I love you, mom.

    Poem About Losing A Mother Is Never Easy

    Losing a mother, it's never easy.
    Losing that smile that was so cheesy.
    Losing that hug that crushed your ribs.
    Losing that perfume that now you just realized how much you missed.
    Losing those chances to have girl talks.
    Losing the chance to regain the strength after a heartbreaking dance.
    Losing the chance to learn about her past.
    Losing the chance to explain your own twisted path.
    Losing the chance to say goodbye.
    Gaining the strength to realize it's not the end, at least not today.

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    Your mother is your heart, a part of you, and when she dies, a part of you does also. Suddenly everything that mattered so much means so little, and in your mind you see her in everything....

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  6. 46. Mom's Poem

    • By Ansley L
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems October 2016

    On December 23, 2001, my mom died of cancer. I was only three years old. I wish every day that I could have had a little more time with her, but I can't.

    I Will Not Forget You

    I was only three
    When you were taken away from me.
    If only you could see
    You meant the world to me.
    If you were here,
    You could wipe away my tear.

    People do not understand the pain.
    The memories torment my brain.
    I wish I could forget
    All the bad things I've seen
    Dealing with your pain.

    I needed you,
    Even though I barely knew you.
    Mom, I love you a lot.
    I hope you know you will never be forgot.
    I will make you proud!
    I promise!

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    My Beautiful Mom My Rock My Heart My Soul My Hero My Strength My best friend My Confidant My Everything My beautiful mom (my rock, my heart, my soul, my hero, my strength, my best friend, my...

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  7. 47. Mommy I Never Met

    • By Jennifer J. Lakhlani
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems May 6, 2022

    I know someone who lost their mother during childbirth. She never got to meet her mom. Realizing the emptiness and guilt that children may feel from this situation made me write this poem. I wanted to write something that children in this situation could relate to and realize that they are not alone. Perhaps even bring them a little peace of mind.

    Mom Who Died During Childbirth

    I have a mommy that I never met.
    That is something I'll always regret.

    She gave me life, then had to go.
    Why God took her, I'll never know.

    Having no mommy is really depressing,
    But existing because of her is truly a blessing.

    I miss my mommy each and every day,
    But I know everything is going to be okay.

    She watches over me from Heaven above,
    Blows lots of kisses and sends me her love.

    And whenever a butterfly lands upon me,
    I know it's her saying hello to me.

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  8. 48. Dear Mom, A Poem in Your Memory

    • By Jasmine Nash
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems April 2011

    My Mom passed away when I was in the 3rd grade. I was only 9 yrs. old. I miss her very much and writing this poem in her memory makes me smile and I know she will be proud of me for writing this.

    You were always a great person
    a great person indeed
    You were always there
    whenever I was in need

    You raised me up
    in a big, safe world
    I'm glad I had the chance
    to be your little girl

    You always had a smile
    on your beautiful, warm face
    God did the right thing
    by taking you to a good place

    Even though I miss you
    and we grow farther apart
    I will always have a place for you
    right here in my heart

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  9. 49. Dear Mama

    • By Tory Archer
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems July 2011

    My mom passed away when I was 8 years old I'm now 15. She passed giving birth. I miss her so much I didn't get a goodbye or a final I Love You. I would do anything to bring her back. The last time I heard her voice was over the phone I had no clue that was the last time I would hear from her R.I.P Mom

    Mom Passed Away Giving Birth

    Sitting here listening to music, you the first person that comes to mind,
    When I sit here and think about you it hurts every time.
    Sometimes I pinch myself and hope you come back,
    But you leaving me was something as serious as a heart attack.
    I wish all this was a nightmare,
    Because the pain is something I can't bear.
    It's still hard to believe that when I wake up you aren't here,
    And while thinking about that I sometimes drop a tear.
    People keep telling me I should be getting over you,
    But the way your death affected me is something I can't undo.
    When you left if felt like I was alone,
    And the last time I heard from you was over the phone.
    It's just not the same without you here,
    You were the only person I held dear.
    I never thought you would leave,
    But that was only a thought so all I do is grieve.
    I always tell myself that one day you will come back to me,
    But as much as I hope and dream, that's something that can't be.
    You would be here with me if it was my choice,
    When the wind blows I always hear your voice.
    Please hurry up and come back because I think I'm gonna blow,
    And when you come back, I promise I won't let go..

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    My mom died unexpectedly on April 14th 2016. 9 days before my 20th birthday, and my daughter, her first grandbaby was 6 months old. She was my best friend, I told her everything and talked to...

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  10. 50. Never Spoken

    Words I would have said on the eve of my mothers forever worldly departure.

    The days turn to night
    And nights back to days
    Over and over again..
    The world around seems different in many ways..
    This feelings of sorrow I will never
    Seem to shed..
    Wanting things I can never have..
    To say last words in a different way..
    To maybe say something meaningful before eternal silence..
    What might I have said if only I knew..
    If only I knew that the voice would be gone by the rolling of the morn..
    I might have spoken these words,
    I am sorry ..
    I am sorry for the grief I have caused through our lives..
    I forgive ..
    I forgive you for the much pain you have forced upon me.. 
     I love ..
    I do love you for the good person I have seen in you..
    And I miss..
    I miss you now and I will miss you always.  


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    I'm so sorry you lost your mother Natalie. This poem hit so close to home with me as well. I never had a great relationship with my mother, but all in all I loved her unconditionally....

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  11. 51. If Only For A Moment

    • By Lacee Schafer
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems June 2011

    In 2001 my Mother was Diagnosed with Crohn's Disease, which is a type of stomach cancer that eats at you from the inside out. Because of her job, she could not make her doctors appointments. Thus, the cancer had spread to her upper and lower intestines, stomach, and breasts. She is my best friend, no doubt. I love you Mommy. Keep smiling, you're beautiful.

    Crohn's Disease

    Waiting for that day,
    when Mommy shows her smile.
    If only for a moment,
    if only for a while.
    Remembering my last memory,
    of that time down by the lake.
    Of every time she laughed at me,
    and every breath she'd take.
    I wish to relive those days,
    and take away her pain.
    Have Mommy's touch upon my face,
    and take away this rain.
    Waiting for that day,
    when Mommy shows her smile.
    If only for a moment,
    if only for a while.
    I want the sun to shine upon her face,
    and smile at what I see.
    As mommy lets go of this place,
    and becomes cancer free.
    In this grave, Mommy lays,
    resting so sweet.
    I'll never forget the life she gave,
    Cuz' in me, her heart still beats.
    Waiting for that day,
    when Mommy shows her smile.
    Just for this moment,
    just for a while.

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    My mom was diagnosed with the same in 2006 and she just passed away Thursday morning. I totally understand the pain and hurt, and I most definitely loved your poem.

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  12. 52. Hole In My Heart

    • By Joan Boyle
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems August 2015

    I miss my Mom. She passed away on February 25, 2009. She went too fast; she was gone within two weeks. Mom, I love you and miss you. My heart has a hole in it. Time will heal, but it will always be a scar. In life you think your Mom will be here forever...and then in a blink of an eye your life changes. This is the hardest thing I have ever gone through.

    Poem Thanking Mother For Her Comfort

    When God choose you to be my Mom
    I was honored and blessed
    Mom, you loved unconditionally
    You were never too busy to console me,
    Heal my wounds,
    Teach me right from wrong
    Even in your last days
    You told me not to be afraid
    You wiped my tears
    You said don't cry
    You held my hand
    And spoke of love

    If only I could hug you again
    Kiss you, say I love you
    One more time

    Mom, I give you a piece of my heart
    Hold it
    Hug it
    Kiss it
    Keep it close
    Cherish it
    Until we meet again
    And my heart will then be whole

    Mom, you were so strong
    I know you didn't want to leave
    You were so tired and weak
    Rest, my love
    You are in God's house

    Miss you
    Love you always
    Your daughter, Joanie

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    My mom passed on October 25th from aggressive lymphoma. I'm a nurse and had been with lots of people in their last moments, but this was the hardest thing I've ever done. I was searching this...

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  13. 53. Mother Last Day

    My mother passed away June 6, 2009 after complications during surgery. She was my best friend and I have had such a hard time mourning the loss of her. I find myself wanting to write more and more. I have now written about a dozen poems to her about her. I miss you Mom.

    I held her hand as she silently whispered her goodbye
    A last breath as I watched her die
    Her skin swollen-battered and bruised
    By all the things that they felt they needed to use

    I stroked her hair and wiped her eyes
    Wanting so much for them to open and see
    That I was alone there in the world
    Alone with the agony growing inside of me

    I watched those around me shed their tears
    And utter their words of sorrow
    How could they know that I was dying inside?
    I couldn't and you wouldn't - face tomorrow

    One last time I kissed your face
    And held your hand to touch my cheek
    I wanted to carry you away from there
    My fragile mother who was just too weak

    I heard the people all around me
    The silence of the machines now so loud
    And I walked away - my heart now broken
    And tried to face the waiting crowd

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    On April 18, 2017 my mom was called to be with our Lord. It was early Tuesday morning when I arrived at the hospital to relieve my sister from the overnight vigil. I said goodbye to my sister...

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  14. 54. A Dream So Real

    • By Arnold R. Salazar
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2006

    A son who is dealing with his mother's passing is visited by her in a dream.

    Deceased Mother Visits in a Dream Poem

    I glance at a dimly lit room.
    I enter and see your face.
    First, I wonder, 'Where is this place?'
    All questions are quickly tossed aside
    as your eyes once again meet mine.
    Has it already been a year?
    A year since we last said hello;
    a year since we last said goodbye?
    I don't want to know why;
    why you've decided to visit me.
    I'm satisfied hearing your voice, ever so softly.
    Softly, you whisper your motherly advice.
    With your words, I'll never have to think twice.
    You made me promise to always take care of the ones I love.
    Then the room slowly fades away like a flying dove.
    The dim light fades to black, and I'll never forget
    how I awaken in this cold sweat.
    Tears endlessly crawl down my face
    as I realize the truth of that place.
    It was all a dream, or so it would seem.
    It was a dream so real. Thank you for visiting me.
    Thank you for letting me hear your voice and see your smile.
    I've missed it all for a long while.
    As you watch on us from above,
    I promise to always take care of the ones I love.

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    My mother died 16 years ago, and now I am 22 years old. To me, it's like she's gone now. Every time it hurts so bad the way mothers treat their kids and you see things you never had. It's...

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  15. 55. I'm Still Here

    • By Kyle W. Butler
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems October 2010

    I lost my mom in 2000 from this deadly disease of Cancer, and I refuse to let anyone else go through their battle; feeling as though nobody cares about them. Every person in this world who is curently battling, or who has lost their battle is in my thoughts and prayers.

    "I'm still here, waiting for your notice.
    I never left you, you have to know this.

    I've seen you tell my story over and over again;
    my legacy that I have left for you to spread.
    I've heard the lines over and over again;
    they're forever pressed into the depths of my head.

    I have seen you laugh and I have felt your tears;
    your hopes, your dreams, even your rage, and your fears.

    Still, you know what you have to do;
    keep my memory and legacy living.
    Someone out there still needs you;
    love, strength, and support to them you will be giving.

    Do not worry about me, for I am doing great up here.
    Though it's hard to fathom my mortality being lost,
    you can always be assured, Son, I'm still here."

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    I lost my mother July 27, 2002 to cancer. It was the worst thing I have ever seen or gone through. Anyone with this horrible disease or by the side of someone battling, my heart and prayers...

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  16. 56. My Mum

    • By Jane Falconer
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems March 2016

    We decided as a family to make Mum's funeral as personal as we could, about her and only her. This is what I wrote for her, and I read it at her funeral. Maybe it will strike a chord with others.

    Poem About The Difficulty Of Going Through Life Without Mom

    How hard it is without you, Mum, knowing you're not here.
    You gave me life, you gave me love, you pulled me from despair.
    You picked me up when I was down and held me in your arms.
    I wish I was there right now to feel your loving charms.
    You set me free to live my life, but still I could not go.
    Our bond was strong, our love was true - and yet you left me here
    To live my life without you, Mum, a thought I cannot bear.
    I will go on and live my life and try to make you proud,
    But doing it without you, OH! I want to cry out loud.
    I love you, Mum, with all my heart and know you're still around.
    When night time comes, the kids are gone and there is no sound,
    I hear your voice say, "Well done, Jane, you've made it through the day,"
    But it hurts so much without you, Mum - what else is there to say?
    So sleep well, my darling Mum, and rest your weary head,
    And know that you are loved and missed by all who knew you best.
    Night, night, Mum.

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  17. 57. Love and Miss You Mum

    • By Courtney Linde
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems May 2011

    I lost my Mum a year ago today (19/05/2010) due to an alcohol addiction. This is just something I wrote for her to show her how much I love and miss her more everyday. And my memories are clear in my heart and mind.

    In my arms I held you tight
    Through the hardest part of life
    In my heart the memories clear
    Of the greatest mum I love so dear
    I held you so close to my heart
    Praying that we'll never part
    But angels came and took you away
    And a tear I shed for your everyday
    Now a shining lit up star
    My mum will watch from up far
    In all the pain I'm going through
    Just remember, I'm here with you

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    Just want to tell my mum I love her and am missing her every minute of the day. I lost my mum when I was 15. Now I am 31. I still want to see her face and give her a hug and see if she's okay.

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  18. 58. Getting You Ready, Mum

    • By R K. Johal
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems January 2016

    My mum battled cancer for 13 months. She was brave and strong, but at the end we had to tell her she could go. She's been gone just a week, and I hurt so much, but writing my poems helps me express the way I feel.

    Poem About Getting Mother Ready For Her Funeral

    Today we go to wash your body
    And comb your beautiful hair.
    I will hug and kiss you, Mummy,
    Whilst wondering life so unfair.

    I will stroke you beautiful face
    And kiss you on your cheek.
    I will sit there and wonder, Mummy,
    Why life suddenly looks so bleak.

    We will be strong and brave, Mummy,
    As we say our final goodbye.
    But don't forget, my darling Mummy,
    We will see you in the big blue sky.

    Oh, how I love and miss you.
    No one can really understand
    How I want to hug and kiss you,
    And hold your beautiful hand.

    I just don't want you to go, Mummy.
    I want you to stay here with me,
    But I know that's not possible, Mummy,
    As you're now happy and pain free.

    Please just look down on me, Mummy,
    And guide me in my life.
    Just come and hold my hand, Mummy,
    Whilst I am struggling with this strife.

    I just want to say I love you.
    I feel like my heart broke.
    I can't bear to be without you, Mum,
    And my tears make me choke.

    God, just please give me strength for today,
    As we go to get Mum ready.
    Please give me strength today,
    And make my hands feel steady.

    I love you today and forever, Mum.
    I hope that you are at ease.
    I will see you again, Mum.
    God, just look after her, please.

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  19. 59. Mother's Day Without You

    • By Denise
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems April 2009

    I lost both my parents a few years ago when I was only 27. I miss them more than anything. I just needed to vent.

    Every day I think of you.
    For a brief moment
    a smile crosses my face.
    My memories bring me happiness
    but are soon replaced by sadness.

    After all, you are gone.
    You are gone.
    So the happiness is gone.
    Oh how I miss my best friend.
    my mother

    I wish so much you were here.
    You loved me no matter what.
    I mattered to someone.
    I belonged to someone.
    Do I now?
    I cry.

    So I ask, are you still around?
    Are you in the air I breath?
    Are you proud of me?
    Reah out
    can you feel me?
    can you see my tears?
    do you hear my fears?
    my thoughts, my prayers?
    I wish you were here.
    Please stay near.

    I'll ask for a sign
    but get no reply.
    I don't no why I try,
    but I still try.

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    I'm so sorry. My mom died on Oct 29 - I ALWAYS MADE A BIG deal for Mother's Day and she always bought me a card from my dogs (no kids)! I took care of my Mom Peg for over a decade. We were...

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  20. 60. I Lost My Mom

    • By Karen Williams
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems November 2010

    I lost my mom November the 18th 2009, She had several health problems, her mind was not hers when she passed. She didn't know any of her kids or anyone. She got sick in Oct. 2008 and went down hill from there. It was a blessing for her to be called home she was so sick. She weighed only 51 lbs when she died. We couldn't get her to eat very well. She was only 68 when she died. I miss her so much, and I will always love her. I hope one day to see her again. Through Jesus

    Mom is gone to heaven
    No more suffering
    No more Pain
    She went to be with Jesus
    She didn't go in vain
    Peace and Calm surround her
    Her mind is hers again

    She met up with her Mom & Dad
    Who were waiting at the gate
    They took her to meet Jesus
    You know she wasn't late
    She put her arms around him
    Looked up at his face

    She said Father thank you for saving me
    And bringing me to this place
    I have one prayer to pray Lord
    And I've prayed it all along
    The ones I've left behind me
    Please see them safely Home

    I'll meet them at the River
    When they have finished there race
    I told them where to meet me
    It's the very best place

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    Hi Amanda,
    I know it was a while ago, but I thought I would respond. I found myself here as my mum passed away only 5 weeks ago. After reading your message, I was drawn to say hello. I hope...

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