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Loss of Mother Poems

Mothers are faithful companions and confidants even in the most difficult times. Mothers dedicate their lives to caring and providing for their children both physically and emotionally. They always seem to know how to help them to overcome problems and thrive in spite of them. A mother's love is irreplaceable, which makes losing her to death an incredibly painful experience. While sons and daughters of all ages carry within their hearts a dull and lasting ache where they once felt love and security, it is important they continue searching for the happiness their mother always desired for them.

Poems For Sons And Daughters Remembering Mom

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  1. My Mother, The Angel

    • By Julie A. Szymanski
    • Published: May 4, 2021
    My Mom's Passing

    A woman of wisdom, of courage and strength,
    Fighting a great battle for a 30-year length.
    She lost her great battle, not because she was weak,
    but she loved God and He humbles the meek.

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  3. It's The Little Things

    • By Jade L. Woolsey
    • Published: May 1, 2021
    The Thoughts Of A Motherless Daughter

    I hope that some of you can relate,
    It's those simple memories that you cannot recreate.
    Picking up the phone and saying hello,
    Or giving me the advice that only you would know.

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  4. Missing Mum

    My Feelings After The Loss Of My Mother

    With every beginning there has to be an end.
    It's simple, so why can't I fathom it, comprehend?
    No words can describe how much you are missed.
    They are not in the dictionary; they simply don't exist.

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  6. A Sad Goodbye

    Losing Mother During Lockdown

    What end to life is this?
    Five months without physical contact, without a kiss.
    So many promises unable to fulfil,
    Summer walks in the garden, a Mother's Day meal.

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  7. A Poem For Mum

    Until We Meet Again

    You are now amongst the angels,
    Flying high above the sky
    With your love still watching over us.
    It brings many tears to our eyes.

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  8. The Light

    • By Andrena Bain
    • Published: May 8, 2020
    A Strong And Courageous Woman

    She had strength beyond strength
    And faith beyond faith.
    She had nothing, yet would give you everything.

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  10. For My Mama

    In Loving Memory Of My Mama

    You had a
    heart of gold
    and a
    beautiful soul.

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    This poem put tears in my eyes. I can totally relate to you as I lost my Mom 11 years ago, and I still have tough days. She too was my best friend and my hero. My Mom had a heart of gold and...

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  11. My Mother, My Friend

    • By CINDY L Nelson
    • Published: April 2019
    Death Of Mother Acrostic Poem

    MOTHER, I want you to know I love you so.
    YOUR'E missed beyond belief, for you will never know.

    MEMORY is what God gave to us; you are my hero.

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    A beautiful Acrostic poem, Cindy, in memory of your mother. I miss my mother, too. Not a day goes by when I don't think of her. She was amazing, as all mothers are. A mother holds your heart...

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  12. Hindsight

    A Mother-Son Bond Revealed

    You've gone and left me all alone -
    All by myself - can't telephone.

    In a world of days gone by,

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  13. Relinquished

    Her Soul Lives On

    Her light is not extinguished
    Only her body is relinquished
    The sparkle she exhibited
    Will never be inhibited

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