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  1. My Father's Hug

    Revealing Hidden Emotions

    My Father, he was never one
    To show his deepest feelings.
    He never cared too much for hugs,
    Either giving or receiving.

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  3. A Waiting Father

    • By Ryan Lazrine
    • Published: February 2011
    Poem Of Love From Divorced Dad To His Children

    I used to watch you run and play,
    those were our best times together.

    I always tucked you in at night,

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    I love this poem. Thank you for writing it. I am a father of 4 beautiful children. They are living with their mother about 3 hours away. I haven't seen them since May of 2015. I used to talk...

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  4. Loving Like A Daddy Can

    • By Shayna Montgomery
    • Published: February 2006

    Daddy, Daddy sit me on your knee.
    Together we will always be.
    Closest of friends,
    From beginning to end.

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  6. Father Like Care

    Your and mommy's love together had resulted into me
    All your traits are reflecting in my body if you carefully see
    Had you not supported throughout life would be nightmare
    No one in this world will give you a father like care

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  7. My Daughter, My Love

    • By Shreya Kulkarni
    • Published: December 2016
    The Joy A Girl Brings To Her Father

    As she wears
    that angel smile
    on her face,
    my world comes

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  8. Betrayal

    • By Mitsuko Paul
    • Published: July 2008
    Not Trusting Father

    We trusted you with all our hearts,
    Just to find that you didn't care.
    No more lies, no more cries.
    It's all over; there's no more time.

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    For years I felt I wasn't good enough for you, you only made me cry. Why were you always angry at me dad? All I did was try. I wanted to make you proud with the things I accomplished but...

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  10. Fishing With Dad

    • By Douglas J. Williams
    • Published: February 2006

    I remember my dad waking me up at 4 o'clock.
    Barely getting up with my eyes half shut,
    Getting ready and packing up dad's truck,
    Hoping to catch some fish down at the dock....

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  11. Daddy Can You Hear Me In Heaven

    • By Lupita Cruz
    • Published: October 2013

    Daddy, can you hear me, up there in heaven
    way up high?...
    Are you an angel?, do you have wings?
    and can you really fly?......

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    Very touching poem. This brought tears to my eyes. We have to believe that Love can transcend death and our loved ones are right there with us in just a different way, but it's so hard to...

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  12. My Babygirl

    • By Donald Watson
    • Published: February 2006
    Father To Daughter Growing Up

    It seems like only yesterday
    With a teardrop in my eye
    That you were born into this world
    With a whimper and a cry...

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    To my baby girl, Larissa Coleman. No matter where you are, remember to hold your heart 'cause mom is with you.

  13. Dear Daddy

    • By Kandice R. Graves
    • Published: February 2006
    Plea From Daughter For Love

    I need you now.
    Please take me by the hand.
    Stand by my hour of need,
    take time to understand.

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    My wife wanted a divorce and in the wake were our children. I have a girlfriend with two kids. My daughter thinks I've replaced her and her brother with them...but I could never replace them....

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