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  1. 41. Dear Dad

    • By Candace K. Dubose
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2006

    letter from daughter to father

    Dear Dad I love you you've been a best friend you stood by my side through the thick and the thin, you always listened to my problems and helped.
    You stood by my side when I cried and I yelped .I loved you so much, words cannot describe
    You always made sure I wasn't hungry or deprived.
    My love for you was deep and strong
    You always loved me even when I was wrong
    I know that God has a purpose for you for
    You always knew the right things to do so
    What I'm saying Dad is that I love you still I know in my heart your in Gods will... I MISS YOU DAD...

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  2. 42. Between Father And Daughter

    • By Fahad Hakim
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems June 2010

    I have written this for my little princess who is 15 months old.
    She is called Zehra, which in Arabic means 'the shining one'. I have realized fatherhood through her, and to her I dedicate this poem to tell her how much she means to me. I have tried to keep it very simple, portraying an unspoken conversation between father & daughter.

    Brightly-lit eyes speak to me,
    Of all that you little heart wants to be.
    With lots of excitement and warm tenderness
    Come hold my hand, my darling princess.
    At fifteen months you seem to say -
    'I know I don't seem daunting in any which way.
    But my thoughts are a-racing with all I want to do;
    Baba, you will hold me till I am old enough, wont you?'
    'I will', I say. 'Each time you fall and rise,
    Through the dark - till the sunrise.
    We shall spend the afternoon dancing in the rain
    And watch the rainbow as the sun sets again.
    Your first steps with me we shall walk by the shore;
    Splashing in the waters, building sandcastles and more.
    We shall count the twinklers and dance in the moonlight
    Marveling at their brilliance with wonder and delight.
    I want you to soar so spread your wings;
    You are the angel, the stork did bring.
    Enchantment, love, my joy is you...
    Zehra - my shining star, most special are you! '

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  3. 43. My Father

    • By Dominique D. Washington
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2006

    A girl talks about a special relationship in her life, her connection with her Dad.

    There's this man in my life,
    Who guides me through a lot of things.

    We have had some ups and downs,
    But we pulled through it together.

    We are very close,
    And we talk about things most girls don't tell.

    I call him more than three times a day,
    just to let him know I'm safe.

    He's my idol, and he's very wise.
    The man in my life is my Father

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    Well, my step dad is my father, because my real dad has nothing to do with me. He has not talked to me in forever. So I consider my step dad my real dad now, and he stepped up when I need...

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  4. 44. Through The Eyes Of A Father

    • By Asad Hussain
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2014

    Hello, my name is Asad and I am a father of three lovely children. My daughter who is the eldest is 10 years old and two sons aged 8 and 1. My youngest son has unknowingly inspired me to put my thoughts together in the shape of a poem. This poem portrays what and how I feel in the presence of my son, which hopefully other fathers will relate to. I wrote this poem to mark my son's 1st Birthday. I hope you will enjoy reading the poem, as much as I have enjoyed writing it. With kind regards.

    Love Poem To A Son on His First Birthday

    He wakes me bright and early every morn,
    'Tis his hunger, for which he is torn.
    So beautifully cradled, so lovingly raised,
    'Tis no wonder to God, for mothers we praise.
    So dear, so beloved, so perfectly smitten,
    If he was a score, he'd be the finest ever written.
    That thoughtful pause, that longing gaze,
    Never ever ceases to amaze.
    That ray of sun, creeping through the curtain ajar,
    Such a kaleidoscope spectacle, can be seen from afar.
    The radiance, the warmth, the ever felt glow,
    So majestic but oh so very humble.
    Twinkle, that magic in his eye, golden mane,
    So much anger and yet so tame.
    As I grow old and time passes by,
    In his hands, the reins shall lie.
    From a father to a son, whom I dearly cherish,
    Thoughts never die, while the body will surely perish.

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  5. 45. I Love You Dad

    • By Hayley R. Hribar
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2006

    A child works up the courage to say four words that are the most terrifying to say. They are, "I Love You Dad".

    After last night,
    A night of hell,
    A night of tears and pain,
    brokenhearts and broken dreams
    I should hate you, I told you I did.
    I lied.
    When you make my tears fall, I despise you
    But could never live without you.
    You are in me,
    and will always be.
    Yet still you turned your back on me.
    Believing I'm too young to understand,
    But I do.
    I understand a fury had torn through the house.
    Before we could brace ourselves, we turned on each other.
    I then at that moment figured out what I fear the most.
    Four small words that could change everything.
    Change us as individuals
    I want to say the words so much that they're begining to destroy my soul inside.
    So afraid of your reaction....
    Will you yell?
    Or turn away yet again.
    Right before I head back to my sanctuary,
    I stop
    I need to do this
    A tear slides down my cheek
    I hold my breath and say the words........
    I love you Dad

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    This poem is very touching. It made me cry. A father's love is the best gift that any daughter could receive, and as a daughter, I think a father's happiness rests on his daughter. It might...

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  6. 46. My Father, My Dad

    • By Kathleen A. Sorbellini
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2006

    The author talks about how special her father was to her.

    Fathers, daughters, a timeless bond
    Vaster than oceans, tranquil as ponds

    My FATHER is gone
    My DAD, will never leave
    Intricate our relationship,
    Our love, our own that we weave

    Destroyed by the knowledge
    My hero is gone
    Knowing kept in my heart
    He will always belong

    Daddy, I love you
    I wish you were here
    Always, but always
    Know in my heart, I keep you so dear

    I miss you DADDY
    And will love you forever
    The strength of your love
    Will hold us together

    My Father, My Dad

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    I lost my dad 9 months ago now and it is still hard for me to come to terms with the loss. This poem has given me great comfort especially as it is the first Christmas without him.

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