Sad Poems about Love

Sad Love Poems express anger, betrayal and heartbreak over a great loss. When our dreams are shattered, our vulnerabilities attacked and our soulmate exposed as a charlatan, we are left void and empty. It is any wonder that we turn to poetry to express the inexpressible.

Poems about Lost Love


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  1. Just I Love You & Goodbye

    Not once did I expect this to happen.
    Never in my wildest dream that I've fallen,
    To a boy who wasn't my prince charming
    Nor to someone who is my friend....

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    I fell in love with my friend. I never imagine that I would fall in love with him. Actually, he is not that kind of person I thought I would love. But just one day my feeling for him changed...

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  3. Free From Bad Relationship

    • By Alone
    • Published: February 2008

    As I sit in my corner and think about your lies,
    I have nothing else to do but break down and cry.
    You knew it would end,
    You knew it would die,...

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  4. For Love's Sake

    I'm so tired of this empty feeling
    I'm so tired of being alone
    I lay here staring at the ceiling
    Waiting by the phone...

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    My crush is super shy and two years older than me. What should I do? Should I approach him or what?

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  6. Cheating And Lies

    • By Meagen Deitz
    • Published: October 2007

    Would you care if we quit talking
    Would you care if I went walking
    I need to know how you feel
    So I know how to deal...

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    This poem hit home with me because I went through the same thing. I loved this man for 15 years. Even through all the cheating and lies, I still stood by his side and loved him...until one...

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  7. Forbidden Love

    • By Penny Pierce
    • Published: January 2008

    I love you with a love that's forbidden, yet I can't stop.
    you make me feel like no man has ever made me feel before,
    with just a look I swoon.
    I dream of your arms around me, your lips on mine. ...

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    Well, I'm in love with my step-cousin, and I think he may also be in love with me. See the problem is even though we aren't related by blood, we still grew up being taught we are cousins. I...

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  8. Dear Broken Heart

    • By Sarah N. Hilliard
    • Published: October 2015

    Dear broken heart, why can't you fix me?
    And dear broken heart, are you still with me?
    And when I lay my head down and
    Think of the things that I'll never do,

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    I have a boyfriend who I loved so dearly. He was everything to me. He was my whole world. But when he moved to Sweden, he started calling me names like "bitch" and always took my jokes...

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  10. Someday

    • By Sarah
    • Published: February 2008

    Some day you will cry for me
    Like I cried for you
    Some day you'll miss me
    Like I missed you...

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  11. Good Bye

    • By Tanya
    • Published: November 2007
    Trying To Keep Relationship Alive

    I'm tired of your apologies,
    I'm tired of your Lies..
    You've left me feeling empty,
    Ready to say Good Bye......

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    You have made me think that I was the one for you. You fooled me in that way that I could not see all the lies you were telling me and all the bad stuff you were doing behind my back. I...

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  12. Broken Hearts And Prayers

    • By Alexis Daniels
    • Published: November 2013

    When your heart chooses a path, and you walk so far,
    nothing can turn you back from where you are.
    No pain, no scars can make you turn away,
    there's nothing that anyone can do nor say....

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    Thank you for writing this poem. This lets me know I am not the only one who feels this way or goes through this. I go through the EXACT same thing with my boyfriend; He constantly is rude...

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  13. Pain Of Broken Heart

    • By Erika
    • Published: December 2007

    Tears of blood fall from my broken heart
    I never thought we would be apart

    When you held me you said "forever"...

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    What should I do? I have a best friend. I never had a fight with her before. She started a relationship with her boyfriend about 1 years ago. I'm in the same class and same organization as...

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