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Abandonment leaves wounds that heal slowly and scars that fade even slower. Usually, the effects of abandonment last a lifetime. Only those who have experienced the anguish caused by being abandoned can understand the depth of this feeling and the fear it causes. It causes one to lose their sense of security. It causes one to feel unlovable and suffer from low self-esteem. The fear that abandonment causes in a person will affect all of their future relationships. Fortunately, confiding in a trusted friend can help a person to work through their abandonment issues and cultivate healthy relationships.


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  1. You Don't Really Love Me

    • By Emily Smith
    • Published: September 2011
    Rotten Mother Poem

    You left when I was only two,
    Daddy had no idea what to do.
    You never turned to say bye,
    If you had, you would have seen Daddy cry.

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    I just want to say to the writer of this poem, may God bless you and your family. It's nice to have a mother but not needed. If having her is going to change the way your emotions and heart...

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  3. You Left Me For No Reason

    You had me, you left me, you never cared,
    I was your second child and still you weren't prepared.

    On the lonely nights when I was sad,

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    My friend was diagnosed with the worst cancer there is.
    I had no idea I saw it on Facebook , I cried and thought of all the bad things.
    I thought about how I wasn't there when you needed me...

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  4. A Letter To My Dad

    • By Destiny
    • Published: January 2015
    Poem Of Anger And Hurt Toward Dad

    I am angry at the world and I often wonder why
    I don't want to throw my sorrow on all those who have hurt me
    Yet you are one of the main reasons I cry
    I cry because you weren't there

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    I had a step and a bio dad, but they both left me, and when I read this I almost started crying.

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  6. Dear Mom

    • By Anonymous
    • Published: June 2012
    Mom Won't Accept Gay Child

    This pain I feel inside I can no longer hide.
    Because of you I just wanna die,
    you told me you would always be here and never let me fall
    why did you lie, ...

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    I used to always feel that way when if first came out to my mom about me being bisexual. She disregarded how I felt and she wouldn't listen to me when I tried having girlfriends. She denied...

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  7. Cheated My Love

    Feelings Of Resentment Towards Father

    Growing up was tough because of you
    You left and didn't care what I went through
    Without you, I survived and grew

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    My dad is doing the same thing cheating on my mother. He was never really there for me or my mom and brothers and sister. He left his family for a scum! I don't know if he's done this more...

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  8. Falling Tears

    • By Bethann Simonson
    • Published: November 2014
    Poem About Pain Of Being Abandoned By Mom

    You left me when I was young,
    Left me with my falling tears.
    I felt like I was no one
    For so many long painful years....

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    This poem reminds me of my dad and what I still feel even now when I live with him. Never stop writing!

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  10. When My Life Began

    • By Rachael
    • Published: November 2009
    It Was Nothing But A Mistake

    I don't understand why you chose him over me
    I was there, or could you just not see.
    I would have done everything right,
    But instead you chose him, and to stay and fight.

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    Hi Rachel. I could feel the pain within your poem. Truthfully I understand what you are feeling & what you are going through. I was abandoned by my birth parents as well and with all the...

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  11. Have You Ever Really Cared?

    • By Cassey Harrington
    • Published: August 2010

    What you do makes me cry,
    But I honestly can't deny
    That in my heart I truly love you
    You'll always be my only dad....

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    Hi. I'm 13 and my dad left me 3 years ago. Since I'm a foster kid I go on visits with him but after Christmas he left. It hurts a lot but I hide it. I love your poem. Thank you.

  12. Waiting

    Waiting For My Daddy

    I sat there and waited
    Never left the porch
    But you never showed
    It's like you burned my heart with a torch...

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    I was 3 or 4 when my daddy left me. Just my mommy by my side. I wondered why he left me. My mommy said I may never know. As I got older I found out more things. I still ask myself why he left...

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  13. A Promise For The Better

    • By Keanu
    • Published: September 2015
    Poem About Pain From The Past

    I live within the present,
    But am stuck within the past.
    I look toward the future,
    With hopes that never last.

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