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Poems About Teenage Loneliness

Being alone is one of the saddest conditions for a human being to experience. You may feel alone with your family, if you think that no one understands you. Often people are afraid to share who they are because they think that they will be rejected. However, if you are not sharing who you are, you are not truly with the people you love. On the other hand when you share your true self, you risk being rejected. Often individuals seek people out of the family unit with whom they can share themselves without fear of rejection.

Teens Write Poetry About Feeling Lonely


Just My Mask

Of course I'm fine, why do you ask?
Oh, don't mind this, it's just my mask.
It hides the grief, it hides the strife.
I wear this mask to escape the knife.

Don't forget this, my pain is real.
I'm not lying, this is how I feel.
You sit there saying it can't be true.
It is for me, just not for you.

You say my heart must be a sight,
Cold as ice and black as night.
It's not my heart, only my soul,
But killing me must be your goal.

You're getting close, I hope you know,
you really don't, have far to go.
Soon enough, I'll reach my end,
you'll have my soul, to tear and rend.

But you don't know, you never ask,
you never look, beyond the mask.
The look on my face, is giving me away,
I wonder now, what you will say?

You've asked me here, you'll know now,
I'll take it off, I'll take a bow...
I can't do it now, tell you the truth,
I must keep up, my pretense of youth.

"Of course I'm fine, why do you ask?
Oh don't mind this, it's just my mask"



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I had depression, and it was scary. I got depression when I was really young: 5th grade. My friends didn't know and just thought I was sick. They were 10 or 11, not knowing what I was going...

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