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Many people don't realize how serious the consequences of cheating are. When you are cheated on, you feel humiliated, fooled, annoyed and betrayed by the person you once considered to be your best friend. Your outlook on love is forever changed, your ability to trust someone is shaken, your inner peace is shattered, and all of your future relationships are affected. The reality of cheating is ugly. Cheaters might win temporarily at their game of unfaithfulness, but eventually, they will get caught and lose their faithful partner for a lifetime.


What You Mean To Me Now

You Have Broken Me

How do I mend this broken heart,
When my entire world has fallen apart?
How do I find hope in a brand new day,
When the one I love has broken me away?

My mind overflows with memories of you,
Of all that we've shared
And all that we knew.
I long for your touch and your warm embrace,
The look in your eyes,
The smile on your face.

My nightmares are filled with your soft gentle kiss.
I wake and cry, for all that I miss.
How do I mend this broken heart,
When my one true love and I are apart?

Our moments together were a precious few,
Friday fright night had a sacred hue.
Those hazy nights with you meant more than you know.
I loved you then and I always will,
Even though you broke my heart and threw it away.
Twice I recall, but I said it was okay.
Can't you see I love you still?
One night of star staring on a small dry hill.

You promised you'd never leave me,
Not once, not again,
But trusting you was twice the sin.
You can tell me you're sorry because I'm dumb to believe
The words from your mouth are sacred to me.

You cut me with love not for all to see,
You killed with pain the heart inside of me.
Rhythmic actions of heart break were made,
But you hypnotized me with your so called love haze.
Call me blind,
But he told me his prescription of love could help me see.
I saw alright, the monster you became,
Making me cry from relentless shame.

Lies were told and I became an image of you,
But my appearance was the same.
I bit the the love curb, but my neck did not break.
You were stuck with the monster that your untrue love helped make.
A creature I was called,
You no longer knew my name,
It's better that way, but darling it's a bitch I became.

Next time don't cheat and lie on the monster you make,
For she is smart and she will learn your ways.
Did you forget I became exactly like you?
I was only as good as gum on your DC shoe.
I notice the little things.
I know, I told you,
So why'd you believe my threats were untrue?
I'll make your life hell.
It's called revenge, my sweet.
Don't be surprised when you wake up missing teeth.

I'm not so innocent when you've broken my heart.
Are you sorry yet for the hurt that you caused?
Are you scared yet, because this plan has no pause.
I hope that you feel my pain and so much worse,
And I finally realized his love was a curse.



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