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Divorce affects more than just a couple. It affects their children too, and sometimes quite deeply. Even peaceful divorces can leave children and teenagers with emotional scars, like a sense of insecurity and abandonment. Teens especially need to feel love and guidance from both of their parents during their difficult adolescent years. Instead, they might begin to feel that their parents care only about their own happiness and don't really love them. These feelings are normal and difficult to work through. Teens dealing with the divorce of their parents should express their feelings and seek comfort from a trusted friend or family member.


Getting Better?

Pain When Parents Divorce

The alcohol. The fighting. It was hard to take seeing them like this.
The late nights. The tears. Me waiting for all of this to end.
I didn't want to hear it, but I knew it was coming.
When it only got worse I knew I couldn't keep running.
Then the day came when they both sat us down.
They said 'I'm so sorry but we're over now.'
I cried and ran to my room through my tears it was hard for
me to see.
The hurt in my heart made it hard for me to breath.
The next day dad left. He cried when he hugged me and said 'See you soon. I will call you later, and I will always love you.'
I took it the hardest. I was full of sadness and hate.
I tried to forget I didn't need the pain.
Mom treats me different now. I look just like him.
I ignore them and close myself off. I don't let anyone in.
No one knows my pain. I don't let them. I'm just glad we can still see him.
People ask 'When will you open up and tell me how you feel?' I tell them never.
Cause' acting like it never happened helps it get better?



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This describes my life almost perfectly. My dad was an alcoholic and left when I was 4 years old and my mom treated me horrible, still does. My big brother, dad, and I look alot alike. Never...

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