Divorce Poems by Teens

Divorce Poems by Teens

Poems about Divorce

Divorce affects more than just a couple. It affects their children too, and sometimes quite deeply. Even peaceful divorces can leave children and teenagers with emotional scars, like a sense of insecurity and abandonment. Teens especially need to feel love and guidance from both of their parents during their difficult adolescent years. Instead, they might begin to feel that their parents care only about their own happiness and don't really love them. These feelings are normal and difficult to work through. Teens dealing with the divorce of their parents should express their feelings and seek comfort from a trusted friend or family member.

10 Poems about Divorce by Teens

  1. 1. A Story In The Stanzas (Daddy, Daddy)

    • By Leigh Robertson
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems November 2011

    This is a poem based on what I felt when I was eleven years old and my parents divorced. It was devastating for me, and it took me a couple of years to finally accept it. But this is based on what I felt back then and how I felt when my father moved out.

    He broke me when I was eleven years old
    I knew no worse pain
    I know the truths of the lies he told
    I nearly went insane

    He moved out and lived with her
    Where he remains to this day
    I miss the way we once were
    Before he moved away

    I lost all of my respect
    And my confidence
    I just wish I could forget
    I've built myself a fence

    The world was a dreary place
    For my eleven year-old eyes
    Tears would always run down my face
    Like rain from the skies

    I hung my head in utter sorrow
    As I end my fifth grade year
    Knowing I won't see him tomorrow
    Was enough to bring on tears

    Daddy, Daddy please come back
    Mommy's crying and I am too
    Daddy, Daddy, pick up the slack
    I don't know what else to do

    Daddy, Daddy I miss you so
    Please don't let me see
    Daddy, Daddy, please don't go
    Daddy you abandoned me

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    My girls’ father left us to be with "her" when they were 3, 6 & 7. He worked away enough they did not know what happened but liked their "new mommy." Their happiness was what mattered, so I...

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  3. 2. My Life After My Parents' Divorce

    • By Kayla K. Eikermann
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2006

    A poem written by a daughter after her parents' divorce. She mourns the life that she had but is also excited about her new life with two families and her parents' freedom to pursue their dreams.

    Positive Divorce Poem From Child's Perspective

    This is my life:

    My parents are split up.
    I can't believe they gave up.

    My life isn't the same.
    It is different and plain.

    This is so different than the life we had together.
    I thought that we would last forever.

    Instead of feeling crabby,
    Now I am happy.

    Now their lives have just begun.
    I wonder what their lives are going to become.

    But now I have two families, and that is cool,
    Compared to a lot of my friends at my school.

    So I am not the only one who feels this way,
    So I just wanted to say

    No matter what, they support me and they love me.
    I just want them to be very happy.

    This is my life, and I am very glad.
    This is the life with my mom and dad.

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    I love this poem and relate to it very much! I'm using it for a class presentation. After my parents got divorced, God blessed me with the best bonus mom ever! She even feels like my own. My...

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  5. 3. Hurt

    • By Ash
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems November 2008

    I am a 15 year old girl who has just lost her dad. This is the pain through a young girl's eyes.

    Young Girl Hurt By Divorce

    You left me here all by myself,
    You went and broke my heart.
    By leaving like you did that day,
    You tore us all apart.

    I'm still young and impressionable,
    I thought that you could see.
    The part of me that's reaching out,
    Longing to be free.

    You're still my dad, forever more,
    I know that that is true.
    And even though you left my mum,
    I won't stop loving you.

    But my life goes on after you,
    As your life will also go on.
    But neither my hope nor my happiness,
    Will undo what you have done.

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    My name is Suzy. I am 15 years old. My Parents had been married 23 years before my dad met someone else. February 15th of 2010, my Dad told us he didn't love my mom anymore. So, coming from a...

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  6. 4. Fall In Between

    • By Michaela Ann
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems November 2011

    My mother and father recently have gotten divorced. My mom didn't know how to cope. The only thing she knew to do was to leave us kids behind. Leave my 7-year old brother, my 15-year old sister and I. She would be out all night hours drinking while I stayed up waiting for her. Imagine what it's like having you're little brother ask why his mom doesn't want him? Imagine that life.

    After Divorce

    I walk down this lane.
    Full of pain,
    waiting for a brighter light.
    It seems unreasonable.
    It doesn't feel right.
    Waiting for her to come home.

    My hands start to shake,
    my face becomes white.
    I look at her,
    What a sight.
    Her eyes blink red.
    Expressions appear dead.
    As she walks through the door.

    I can't stand much more.
    It's tearing out my heart
    and leaving a whole.
    My minds a bruise.
    Lack of use when
    it comes to saving life's.
    I wish it would stop

    before it gets over the top.
    Life is rolling downhill
    from here and all
    I see is a world of fear.
    I want to be her eyes so
    she can see all the hurt
    she's caused this family.
    It's like growing up without
    a mother. Just a grandmother
    fooling herself into playing the
    parents rolls.
    Life is hard.
    Life is work.
    Something they never
    told you is..
    Life has no redos.
    Just regrets and forgets.

    I'm forgetting.
    Forgetting what it's like to be whole.
    I miss my family.
    The smiles of 6.
    I used to cry myself to sleep.
    Praying that my daddy didn't leave.

    Now I ask what is love?
    I know it's giving up.
    Cause that's how I was raised.

    Now it's just my brother and I.
    Image what it's like being 7 &
    having no one wanting you?
    Image what it's like having your mother
    forgetting you. It doesn't matter what she said
    or did, he's still her kid.
    Time was well spent
    when our family was more legit.
    Now its just coffee and cigarettes.

    I walk down this lane.
    Waiting for the return of each day.
    Over and over again.
    Not knowing when
    I'm going to give in. Or even
    take a break.
    My ammo's gone.
    The war is won.

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  7. 5. Getting Better?

    • By Kaylee Watts
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems November 2011

    Well my parents got a divorce not to long ago and me and my sister took it kind of hard. I've always written poems, songs. etc. My mom acts like a teenager now and my dad already has a girlfriend so I decided to let some of my pain out through this poem.

    Pain When Parents Divorce

    The alcohol. The fighting. It was hard to take seeing them like this.
    The late nights. The tears. Me waiting for all of this to end.
    I didn't want to hear it, but I knew it was coming.
    When it only got worse I knew I couldn't keep running.
    Then the day came when they both sat us down.
    They said 'I'm so sorry but we're over now.'
    I cried and ran to my room through my tears it was hard for
    me to see.
    The hurt in my heart made it hard for me to breath.
    The next day dad left. He cried when he hugged me and said 'See you soon. I will call you later, and I will always love you.'
    I took it the hardest. I was full of sadness and hate.
    I tried to forget I didn't need the pain.
    Mom treats me different now. I look just like him.
    I ignore them and close myself off. I don't let anyone in.
    No one knows my pain. I don't let them. I'm just glad we can still see him.
    People ask 'When will you open up and tell me how you feel?' I tell them never.
    Cause' acting like it never happened helps it get better?

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    This describes my life almost perfectly. My dad was an alcoholic and left when I was 4 years old and my mom treated me horrible, still does. My big brother, dad, and I look alot alike. Never...

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  8. 6. Don't You Want Me?

    • By Jenny Miller
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems October 2013

    My parents divorced when I was 5 and are constantly talking bad about each other, neither one listens to me when I try to talk to them. I feel as if they have both abandoned me, choosing to talk about someone they despise over listening to me.

    Poem About A Child's Emotions After Divorce

    Daddy says he loves me but he doesn't really mean it
    Mommy says she cares but I'm not dumb enough to believe it
    They both just want the money that comes with the child
    Don't you want me?

    Daddy says mom's lying that she doesn't really want me
    Mommy says she knows the truth that dad doesn't want me
    I know it's true but it hurts to know that I'm not wanted
    Don't you want me?

    I'm your own flesh and blood and daughter too
    Why do you ignore me when I love both of you
    I give you presents of love but you both decline
    Please, can't you listen to what's on my mind

    I'm alone and unwanted
    Uncared for unloved

    But no one can hear me, not even my friends
    They still believe I'll be happy till the end

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  9. 7. Daddy, I'm Still Your Kid

    A 13 year old girl with a powerful lesson about abandonment for her dad after her parents got divorced.

    It happened 6 months ago
    Though it seems like yesterday
    I remember it clearly
    It was a cold autumn day
    You told me you loved me
    Then left through the door
    3 bags and a suitcase was all you carried
    As you got in your car and drove more and more
    Wet tears ran down my cheek
    As I heard your last car beep
    I knew the fun times and the games were over
    No more kisses at night no more bear hugs when I'm sober
    No more laughing in front of a warm blazing fire
    No none of that because you're a cold hearted liar
    For 13 years you only cheated and swore
    You weren't the daddy figure I would adore
    You tried your best to be a good dad
    But somehow at the end of the day I would end up being sad
    When I was younger it was easier
    I was put into a your arms and you held me tight
    You would never let go if I were scared at night
    But all those moments are just pale memories
    Because of you I was left on the bottom of a hole
    I had to find my own way out.
    It wasn't easy but I survived
    Because my mum and my sister were by my side
    I have just one more thing to say
    As you live with your new wife, just remember
    You gave a 13-year-old girl life
    And it doesn't matter what you feel or did
    She is still your little kid.

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    I could not stop crying and sobbing after having read this sincere and moving poem as well as the readers' comments. So many precious young lives shattered, a whirlpool of disappointment! It...

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  10. 8. Seperation

    • By Sophie
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems November 2011

    My parents have recently decided to separate I have found this a very hard thing to deal with. I am 15 and have never written poetry before, but one night I was feeling particularly upset so I just let my emotions flow.

    One day, the worst in my life
    The two that once loved me so,
    Ripped my world apart with some few words
    That I really wish I had not heard
    But that night changed my life
    Like the way day turns to night
    I had now given up trying to fight.

    What happened to richer or for poorer,
    For better or for worse?
    I look back at those photographs
    You two, filled with many content laughs
    But that one night, which will never be forgotten
    Changed my life, not for better, but for worse
    A light had been turned out like there had been a curse.

    Perhaps I could have done something
    To stop this grim thing
    Was it me? Did I play a part in this?
    You say it is not so, but how could I ever know?
    Perhaps, just perhaps, I could have changed your ways
    And I may not be in such a daze.

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    When I was five years old my parents divorced. My mom went and got a boyfriend, and I think that's why they broke up. My dad took it really hard and has only been in one relationship since...

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  11. 9. The Window

    • By Jake Tipton
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems January 2009

    My mom and dad were divorced when I was two. I saw my mom maybe 12 times in my life. I never knew why the divorce happened. Then one day I got a phone call from my dad saying he was coming to pick me up. My dad told me she had always been a bad druggie and he was scared for me. That's what had killed her... The last year of her life I didn't call her 'cause she didn't call me. I only sent her one card which said why haven't you called? I can see her dying thinking her son didn't care. I hate what I did and regret it so much...

    Poem Regretting No Relationship With Mother

    I look out the window and what do I see?
    Except for a better version of me?
    He did the right where I did the wrong
    So, I'm the one that wrote this song
    I'm here soaking up regret in the air
    You died thinking I never did care
    I wish I would've made the right choices
    Now it's too late, but I hear the voices
    Saying all I should've said
    I never knew you would end up dead
    If I could have one last moment with you
    I would die to let you know I love you too
    The three seconds it would have took to make that call
    To show how much I cared after all
    So if you were here what would you ask of me?
    I just want to know what you would want me to be
    If you were here would you be proud?
    But now you're lost in the grim reaper's shroud
    You were the one that taught me right
    And you were stole away in the middle of the night
    Now I lay awake in bed
    With thoughts of you in my head
    Why didn't I say that four letter word?
    If only you hadn't died before you heard
    I was so wrong and now I see
    You only wanted the best for me
    So as I lay here seeing you now
    I only wish I could tell you somehow
    That even though the call you awaited never came
    I did and do love you all the same
    And now I only wish I could have seen the light
    As I look out the window on this fateful night

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    My dad left me all alone and I never see him at all. People say that divorce is hard and they have no possible idea.

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  12. 10. What Happened To My Perfect Life

    • By Destiny Ortiz
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems April 2011

    A girl wonder's what happened to the life she could of had but didn't because of one mistake.

    Why did it have to be me
    This isn't how it should be
    My father was never there
    I don't even know if he cares
    My mom was in a relationship for years
    I saw her through all her fears
    I saw her cry at night
    I saw the day she had to fight
    I was there through it all
    Back then she seemed so small
    Now she stands so tall
    It is like she can touch the sky
    To those problems she said bye
    While I laid in bed and wondered why
    My perfect life fell, just died
    My dad choose to do wrong things
    Now just thinking about it stings
    Now I have another sister and brother
    They make me smile like no other
    My dad is having another baby
    Now I thought that was just crazy
    My heart is bleeding like it was stabbed with a knife
    But it's just me wondering what happened to my perfect life.

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    So many of us teenagers have had the perfect life. The perfect life our parents pave for us. Sometimes in a moment of anger we throw all that away, for what? the unknown. You will always be a...

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