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Respect for fathers and mothers is a common tenet of most cultures. With the advent of modern psychology, we now question this idea. If our problems are the result of the way we were raised, why should we respect them? When we respect our parents we are acknowledging that we do not know the challenges that our parents face. We recognize that our parents had to overcome their own childhood issues as well. Respecting our parents is the path to beginning to respect ourselves and ultimately respecting the cycle of life.


I'm Sorry...Dad

Poem About My Feelings Towards My Father

I'm sorry you missed the day I came home.
I'm sorry you left my Mum all alone.
I'm sorry you missed the first time I walked.
And I'm sorry you missed the first time I talked.

I'm sorry you missed tucking me in at night.
I'm sorry you missed turning off my light.
I'm sorry you missed me getting my first fright.
And I'm sorry you weren't there to tell me it's alright.

I'm sorry you never really cared,
Never bothered to make a call.
In fact, I'm not sorry in the slightest bit.
I'm not sorry at all.

You should be sorry,
Sorry to me,
And sorry to all of us,
For what you couldn't be.

A Dad is supposed to love,
Protect, worship and care.
A Dad is supposed to do all of this,
But most importantly be there.

But you couldn't provide,
Protect or care.
You couldn't worship.
And you couldn't be there

Because you made the choice
To never try with me.
Sure, you're on and off now,
But it's just too late, you see.

I mean, I get it now.
And although this makes me sad...
You will always be my father.
You'll just never be my Dad.



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