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  1. I Miss How It Was With You

    • By Kristina Wilkinson
    • Published: February 2014

    Memories flash through my mind,
    Every day,
    And every night.
    Of how we used to be,

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    This poem touched me so I decided to add my story. I had a best guy friend in primary and we did a lot together almost everything, that people even said we were more than friends but we never...

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  3. One Last Goodbye

    We parted with "One Last Goodbye"...
    then I began too cry.
    You mean so much to me but in the end we..
    parted with that "One Last Goodbye"...

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  4. More Than Just Friends

    • By Michaila
    • Published: October 2014
    Poem About Wanting Boyfriend Back

    I stop the breath that runs through me
    Because I see your face and hope we can be
    More than just friends, maybe one day you'll see
    That there's nothing that ever meant more to me...

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  6. Waiting

    Past the time
    Sit and strain
    Waiting for your return
    Ignoring the pain...

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  7. Its You I Miss

    I say I miss the sky
    I say I miss peace
    I say I miss happiness
    I say I miss the sun ...

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    This poem had really touched me! HATS OFF to the poet! Actually I was quite busy with my assignments, I took a few minutes to check this website and I finally found this poem! My tears start...

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  8. In Your Memories

    • By Nancy Nicholas
    • Published: October 2013

    are you there to hear me cry?
    you are burning me in a fire alive
    come near me please....
    you are blossoming in my heart everyday.....

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  10. Missing Her

    • By Alec Toy
    • Published: November 2012

    As I lay beneath this sky tonight
    I look at these stars all so bright.
    I think of all the great times we've had.
    I've realized there's so many more to be and I'm glad....

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    I was with a boy I loved. I loved him so much. He moved to a different school. I cried when he moved I cried myself to sleep it hurt so much. I was 14 when he moved, now I am 16. I tried to...

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