Break Up Poem

Poem About Confusion After A Break Up

I broke up with him, and now he is dating someone else, I still love him, and this guy that I used to know keeps asking me out. So really this is a messed up poem full of let downs of him and myself and what I didn't have the guts to tell him.

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Confusion 'Til The End


Published: September 2015

I look around and see destruction
After my heart returned from its abduction
It followed my every move
As if it had something to prove
And now I'm sitting here
And you are nowhere near

This is my only outlet for emotion
Any other way will only cause commotion
I sit here and shed a few tears
Though I've been shedding less over the years
Now there is a new guy
Who waves me hello and goodbye

First there was you
And now there are two
I am a blinded fool
For letting you use me like a tool
I am positive of my feelings now
I want to speak up but I don't know how

I love you--yes, it's true
He is nothing but a pretty boy whose eyes are blue
You like her, he likes me, and I like you
This is the one situation where I don't know what to do
I am certain that this will only end in pain
Knowing that I only have the satisfaction of confession to gain

This is the abrupt end
And not the only time that I will spend
Waiting, writing, and fighting
I won't stop until I am dying
This is the end and the beginning
And I don't think that I am winning


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