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Death From SIDS Poem

I'm 16 yrs old and my fiance and I in November of 2008 lost our child in the middle of the night in my arms, waking up to him permanently sleeping.

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I feel for you. I know how this feels; to have your son die in your arms. It's not easy and not something that you'll ever forget. My son, Damian James-Stone died in my arms when he was...

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My Little Damien

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Published: January 2009

My name is Courtney M. I'm 16 year's old.
Everyone told me I was young, too, young.
I know I was but I was ready
for my son Damien James M.
to come into this world.
I miss him so much.
God blessed me with a beautiful, health baby.
But two short months he felt like it would be to hard.
My baby boy left in the middle of the night right in my arms.
His cold, stiff little body where in mine when I awoke.
Three month's later still haunted by it you still give me a reason to smile Damien.
You are my little angel and you saved me.
I live my live for you baby, you're my sweet pea.
August 26th, 08 was the best day of my life
and I thought would be the hardest thing I would ever do I life.
I was terribly wrong, November 2nd, 08 was the worst and hardest day of my life.
There were so many things I had planned for my little guy.
To make me and his life better with daddy.
Daddy misses you too.
I lay awake watching him cry in his sleep calling for you.
Damien you will never stop being loved.
you were and are the best thing that has happen to daddy and me.



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  • Elijah by Elijah, North America
  • 7 years ago

I feel for you. I know how this feels; to have your son die in your arms. It's not easy and not something that you'll ever forget.

My son, Damian James-Stone died in my arms when he was just 48 days old.

Time with him was short, and I'd give anything if I could trade places with him. My only fear was of losing him. I hope one day I can ask his forgiveness and he won't turn me away for not being the father he needed.

I wasn't there for his birth, but I was there for his death. I took him in my arms and held him close. He took his last breath; I lost him.

  • April Sanchez by April Sanchez, Alice TX
  • 7 years ago

Hi my name is April, my sons name is Trini, he passed away June 27, 2009 he was only 3 days old when I found him so cold. I freaked out not knowing what to do, I've never been in that position before its really hard loosing a little one like that. I know what you're going through and its heart breaking they said it was SIDS till I went for a check up the doctor told me he was sick.. I punched him right in the face... 3 months later I get the lab results of his autopsy he had tuberculoses. I cried for weeks I lost 20 pounds in 2 weeks. I was so hurt but I'm okay now and I'm ready to have another baby soon
take care <3

  • Jessica by Jessica, Omaha NE
  • 8 years ago

first off , sorry for your loss . I too had a son August 17, 2010 and lost him August 25th, 2010. Hardest thing ever but loved your poem . It's soo hard to go through each day now that my lil man is gone but remember, the goodness in our lives are because of our angels . (:

  • Heather by Heather
  • 9 years ago

Hi my name is Heather my son's name is Connor, he was only 2 days shy of 4 month's old when I lost him. I am in the Army and I was on duty and he was staying the night with one of my friends and she couldn't watch him for just that night she left him in her room by himself and he suffocated in the middle of the night. I will never forget the call saying my son was not breathing. I had so many things going through my head, like this could not be true and this could not happen to me. The best day of my life was 28 August 2009, and the worst day of my life was the day my SON was taken from me on 26 December 2009. You are the most loved baby boy in the world. I love you so much Connor. You will never be forgotten. I miss you baby boy...

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