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well honestly there is really no story behind my poem. I was just sitting there thinking of a new poem to write when I saw this story on the news about this girl who killed herself because she was in love with a guy but then he got around new friends that didn't like her so they all teased her and they just kept doing it and it kept getting harsher and harsher to she just cracked and killed herself and that to me was so sad I mean if he really loved that girl like he said he did why would he ridiculed and tease her like that

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That was a very sad story of young love destroyed by outside influence.

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For The Love Of You


Published: August 2008

you tease her
and make her mad
all the while inside she's sad
she can't believe you act like that
she liked you she was in love
but highschool started
something changed
you made new friends and left her in your dust
so now she is all alone
the same girl you ridicule and tease
is the same girl you once loved
so now what happens to poor hurt soul
she hangs from a shower curtain rod
with a rope around her neck
and a note in her hand
that says I loved you
but your not the same boy I once knew
and where are you
wishing you could of redone everything again


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  • Kenneth by Kenneth
  • 2 years ago

That was a very sad story of young love destroyed by outside influence.

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