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This is for my friend. the girl I loved most. I used to call her butterfly. This is for her. our story... I miss her so much, but the argument we had is so big that Sorry's never enough. So I made this poem...For her...for her only. Though she has this new guy. and it looks like I hate her...well....It seems that I found out the truth...the truth that I still and will always love her...

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I loved your poem it was very good. I think it would help me an my BFF out with our situation. =(

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I Still Love You


Published: August 2010

Another day I walk into our school...
As I enter my classroom, I think of you...
I sat silently into my chair with noticeable gloom...
I try to smile, laugh like before, But it's not the same when I'm With You...

I remember the days, the happy memories
Days without sadness, disorder nor worries!
Because on those days, your beside me, and Darkness flees!
The moment your shoulder touches against mine, time will freeze.

I remember how you used to care so much for me...
whenever I feel down, you always sit bide me.
Hold my wrists and say "Its Gonna be alright, you'll see!"
Oh..those days..I miss so much...the good ones at least..

Then, we stumbled into a conflict we never wanted...
It destroyed our friendship, the bond we created
We both ended very much likely frustrated
Your smile, your laugh, your love for me....Faded

I need help, I apologized once..But You ripped it apart
I became a man with a broken heart
I don't know where to start
My Focus, my goals, my Mind started to depart

I pretended to be happy..Pretending like nothing happened
My anguish, hatred, discordance, Toughened
My life went terribly wrong , My sights Darkened..
I took a new turn, my condition worsened...

But though I'm masked by this Goo
Deep inside my heart still calls for you
I pretend to hate you, that is true..
But I've always wanted to tell you that
"I still Love you!!!"


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  • Pandabear by Pandabear
  • 11 years ago

I loved your poem it was very good. I think it would help me an my BFF out with our situation. =(

  • Redbank by Redbank
  • 11 years ago

This poem helped me and my boyfriend get back together after we had a fight and broke up. I read this poem then printed it and gave it to him but changed the wording. When he read it he asked me to go back out with him and I said yes we have now been dating for 2 and a half years all thanks to this poem I loved it

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