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I was sexually abused when I was 11 and I am now in my 30's and still have not healed from this pain. My life has been one addiction after another and for once in my life I am going to face my past so I can move on. I realize today there are sick people out there and I cant keep punishing myself for something I am not responsible for. Writing poetry helps me to get my thoughts out of my head and to express myself in a way that I would normally not. Thanks for letting me share.

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Innocence Lost

© more by Jodi

Published: November 2008

Serpents slip into the night hoping you won't put up a fight.

Tempted to do the unthinkable crime
wanting to fill their lonely mind.

In the darkness they invade your space
unable to notice your tear streaked face.

Nights are filled with silence and pain
wanting to hurt them just the same.

A frightened child you've come to hold
a secret that's afraid to be told.

What's your thoughts that make this sane?
I wish you could feel all my pain.

Pay attention you might not see
the hurt you've caused inside of me.

Trembling in fear don't make a sound
go to your place alone you have found.

Stand up and fight don't be afraid
your silence inside will only turn to shame.

Lies that were told to hide the truth
only to destroy your innocence of youth.

Do you pretend to live the lie
or shut the door to the pain inside.

Bound by chains from the past
the key there for you to grasp.


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