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This is actually a true story. The blue demon is my mother's Ford Focus, and yes, she really did this. But I love her.

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Mail Box Blues!!


Published: May 2014

My proud little mailbox stood upright and tall.
No mailboxes on the street could compare, none at all.
Till one day the blue demon was backing in reverse, I stood by the window watching the upcoming curse.
Slowly I screamed as I saw what was to become, my proud little mailbox would soon come undone.
BAM, blue demon had gave it a whack, oh the horror the pain of witnessing this attack.
Little do I know the anguish that would be for she got out of the demon and stared straight up at me.
For she did not know I was watching the scene, she had not heard me let out my terrible scream.
She examined my mailbox without a regret, and the story is soon to get better yet.
I saw her leap into the demon to drive ahead, leaving my mailbox all limp and half dead.
No regret! No Sorrow! for my poor mass of metal!..
As if she was born and raised in a ghetto!
So hear my story and please be aware if blue demon comes around your mailbox might not be there!!!!
Mailbox Blues



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