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A disease call Alzheimer's

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Meeting My New Grandma

© more by Jackie

Published: July 2009

That lady I met in the nursing home,
she looked so much like Grandma.
I thought it was her for a while,
but then she turned around and wasn't wearing a smile.

Mom pulled her over
and said she was Grandma.
How could this be?
My grandma would never ignore me.

She did look a lot like her,
and dress like her too.
But this is not the Grandma I once knew,
This is not Grandma, what mom said can't be true.

This Grandma was talking and making no sense;
she had tears and her eyes seemed so sad.
This is some other girl's Grandma, not mine.
My Grandma is healthy and happy and fine.

Mom was talking to the nurse
about a disease called Alzheimer's,
that doesn't have a cure,
and Grandma has it, the doctors are sure.

She does not recognize me,
she stumbles and she mumbles.
She's forgot everything that she used to know.
She is a different person, a new Grandma Lo.

The new grandma looks just like the old,
but in her mind it is different.
She may not be the Grandma I love and know,
but she will always be my Grandma Lo.


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