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My Cousin Raped Me

After my cousin raped me all I felt is pain and suffering but I realized that suffering is optional, and even though it stays forever and some wishes cant come true but there's always people that feel the same as you.

So I decided to write this to express how I felt as a 13 year old girl... hope some of you can relate.

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I also was raped by my cousin that was like a brother to me around the age of 10-11. He took my innocence, my virginity, my childhood. He did it for years before I learned and realized what...

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Pain That Comes Thereafter!


Published: March 2009

It feels like my whole world is falling apart
maybe I'm trying to hard

trying to push the feelings away
but it just wants to stay

all I want to do is die
drown in all the tears I cry

I sleep to take the pain away
even though I know it will never heal the emotions that I feel

smiles and laughter cover up the pain that comes thereafter
love and kisses make new wishes
wishes that will never come true all because of you.

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  • Monique by Monique
  • 2 years ago

I also was raped by my cousin that was like a brother to me around the age of 10-11. He took my innocence, my virginity, my childhood. He did it for years before I learned and realized what was happening to me. It's sickening to feel that I thought it was normal and I'm now disgusted by it. I was a little girl full of life and hope and dreams. From good grades to all-star player in sports to running away and doing drugs to numb my pain. Scared of my older cousin who I looked up to like a brother. Living in a house of hell and scared to tell my parents or anyone. Ended up with a life of drugs to numb my pain even to this day. Took the best loves of my life, my kids. Scared to even raise my own daughters and boys. Wishing I had the courage to have a voice. Blaming myself for others it happened to. Now 26 years later, I have a voice. I'm working on my relationship with my children, but I'm still scared of him.

  • Preachers Kid by Preachers Kid
  • 8 years ago

I was with a close friend who I trusted dearly. I had to drop him off at home because he was to drunk to drive. When we arrived at his house I helped him take his plates in the house so he wouldn't have to make so many trips. Everything seemed normal. Us goofing around and talking. I wasn't getting no mixed signals or nothing. He said I got something for you come here. I've never looked at him in a sexual way because he knew too much about me and I know too much about him. But he grabbed me and said you know I got mad love for you . . . that's when I began to get the butterflies. my feet started getting heavy like I was wearing cement blocks. And then a kiss that tasted like I had been drinking beer and liquor all day. Trying to break free. . .but the grip was getting tighter and tighter the more I fought so I just stop refusing till his grip loosened. Getting forced back in the room was the scariest memory because when I said no he said either give it or take it. The forcefulness the pulling and ripping I couldn't do nothing but start to pray aloud. He said what the h*** you doing, so I kept on praying, I just began having a full conversation. While I was praying and him thrusting himself in me my prayers were starting to get to him because he told me to stop talking cause he's losing it. At that moment I knew there was power in prayer.

  • Breana by Breana, Idaho
  • 8 years ago

I know how you feel I was raped by my moms best friends son... he was like a cousin to me and now it won't ever be the same... I smile and laugh at school being a 14 year old girl but I cannot hide the pain... I was raped on Thanksgiving day when I was 11... it will soon be the 3 year anniversary of what happened to me and I will never forget it!!!

right now its going through court and it took me 2 1/2 years to tell someone... my mom found out over a rough draft text message on my old phone then I told her the whole story... I can barely say what happened or think about what happened without crying or frowning... I sometimes wish I would rather be dead then live this dreadful nightmare but life goes on and things get better over time...(:

  • Dalton by Dalton
  • 11 years ago

I know how you feel my cousin is 26 and he raped me on my birthday when I went to visit him for the summer and I can't sleep I have to take medicine just to sleep at night. I to want to just end my life so I don't have to think about it I cant enjoy my birthday or life. I am glad to know I am not a alone. I am sorry for what happened to you.

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