Abuse Poem

This poem is about my God-Brother he abused me sexually when I was a little girl and when I grew enough courage after 2 years to say what was going on my family didn't believe me instead they said I was crazy and stupid for thinking like that after that I saw a shrink from 5 years and even though I gave my life to Jesus I still get haunted by the memory of him. I just would like for someday to be a voice for those in my situation. may god bless you all.

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My Family Didn't Believe Me


Published by Family Friend Poems June 2009

I close my eyes and you haunt me
this image I can't bare
I hate this world that surrounds me
when I felt you near

I hate the way you touched me
who the hell gave you the right
to treat me like you wanted to
to take advantage of me every night

I was only 8 when I felt your touch
of your ugly hands that I hate so much

I never knew why you did this to me
why was I the one no one believed
you felt me feeling stupid and shamed
somehow you made me feel I was the one to blame

did I really deserve this from someone I trusted
I thought you were my blood but it was my body that you lusted

I close my eyes and you still haunt me
this image I cant bare
I hate that you still surround me
even though you're not here

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