Teen Missing You Poem

Poem From Teen Mother Missing Child

I'm 17 years old, and I have a daughter. Her name is Raelyn, and she means the world to me. Right now we're not together, but I'm hoping one day soon we'll be back together. I wrote this for her because I want her to know that I love her with all of my heart.

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Raelyn's Poem


Published: July 2016

Writing you is a lot harder than I thought,
Because when I start I always seem to fall apart.

I hate not seeing you or even having you near,
Because to me you are very dear.

It gets harder and harder every single day
Because I miss you so much, more than I can say.

I hate for us to be apart.
It's even harder to sleep with a broken heart.

There's so much stuff that reminds me of you.
I pray to God that you remember me too.

It gets harder and harder as the days go by
Without you there by my side.

So with that being said, I want you to know
That I will love you forever and never let go.

Not one day has gone by without you in a thought.
Some days I just want to crawl under a rock.

Seeing other babies hurts me too,
Because when I see them, they remind me of you.

I miss you so much, you just don't know.
Sometimes I feel ever so low.

It's harder than I ever imagined, not being with you,
But at the same time I know you're happy too.

I pray for you day and night,
That someday you'll find the right path in life.

I want you to know, Raelyn Paze,
That someday you will find your own way.

I want so much to be there now.
I know God will make a way somehow.

I want you to know, though it may not seem true,
That mommy will always be here for you.

Even though we are not together,
Mommy will love you always and forever.



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