Abuse Poem

Dedicated To Survivors Of Failed Foster Care

I am a survivor of the CAS and their failed system on protecting children. This poem is Dedicated to the many survivors of the Children's Aid Society and the many children that didn't survive it.

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Remembering Foster Parents

© more by Ana Lei Somerville

Published: April 2009

Remember as a child,
All the little games you played,
Things to help the pain,
Make the hurting go away.

Remember your mom yelling,
It's all because of you,
Then dad would hit and hurt you,
Oh what's a child to do.

Thinking its your fault,
Your fault that they were mad,
And how this doesn't happen to good girls,
Only to the girls that were bad.

And in your room with your dolls,
You ask them what was wrong,
Do you remember hurting?
Have you been hurting long?

They always gave you answers,
The same answers as before,
Then they'd often show you,
Where they hurt - where they were sore.

Remember the Lightening,
And the Thunder roar,
As you cry inside your window,
You felt your tear drops pour.

Where does a child run too,
Where do they go and hide,
Underneath their sheets - where they think they're safe,
And they silently cry.

And when mom and dad are gone,
The guilt and pain in their heads,
For the hurtful things dad had done,
And the hurtful things mom said.

How long does it take the pain to go,
How long for the wounds to heal,
You pray to God it's a nightmare,
But He knows its very real.

And when you start to heal.
The pain and guilt will weigh like a ton,
But the battle to healing is just beginning,
And in the end YOU'VE won!

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