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Hello my name is Nancy and I really just play around and write poems for a hobby. Hope you like my work:)

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Published: May 2008

It's not it's knocked up to be,
this thing we look so forward to.

A time of life that's worry free,
so much time and things to do.

But wait a minute, something's wrong,
things aren't as they should be.

The money is short, the month is long,
and so much time on my hands for me.

I'm not as spry as I once was,
a lot of my energy has wasted away.

I have some bad days as everyone does,
and take life as it comes, day by day.

This system is backwards to me it seems,
we should retire first, and work last.

Then in our youth, chase our dreams,
all life's expectations surpassed.



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