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A child expresses anger at an abusive mother

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Something's Missing


Published: February 2006

All my life there was something in my life missing
You were never there to replace it
Late at night I cry because I want a mother to love me
How could you tell the child you birthed into this world you don't like them
Do you realize that I don't fear you anymore?
I want you to know that you have hurt me in so many ways
My days are so lonely
I try to hide all this emotion behind my emotions
Because I just don't have the strength to tell them to your face
I remember the first time you laid your hands on me
You said you would never do it again
You know what they say don't make promises you can't keep
This pain that you have caused in my life can't be just washed away by the rain
Do you even care that your child doesn't love you
I feel like I'm drowning and you see me but you let me go deeper and deeper
You have no kind of feeling's for the
one you're suppose to love and cherish
Every time you hit me I get this it feels like someone is stabbing me in my heart
You know the life that I have lived so far
I always thought there was something missing
You know what that was
It was that love and bond that a mother and a child are suppose to have
But know that I never got to know that love
I don't miss it at all!

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