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Son To Mother Poem

It's about my mother having dementia, I have never been inclined to write poetry but found it cathartic. To help accept the role reversal that this brings in the relationship.
Take deep breaths is something she always used to say to us as children when we where out in nature and we just thought it was an eccentricity of hers.
Not realizing of course until we where older how much she had suffered as a child in Ireland due to poverty and TB and why such simple things meant so much.

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Ode To The Mythical Mother


Published: May 2011

Ode To The Mythical Mother Owed To The Giver Of Life
Take deep breaths she said to me.
Where the three worlds did merge,
Sky and the magic land across the sea.
Hand then in hand, heart still in heart.
Past then in past, now present immortality.
I walked with her and she with me.
Where the beach was all pebbled,
As the days where as endless with love

That woman, such simple serenity,
Not guile but wisdom, wisdom born,
Of sacred isle TB and poverty,
Take deep breaths, take deep breaths
That pearl of great value she freely gave to me.
"But foolishness is tied up in the heart of a boy"
So the man chose instead to pay for shallow breaths.
In middle age, with pleurisy cigarettes and alcohol

And now he remembers her in the breezy part of day.
And whispers Take deep breaths, take deep breaths.
Talking sweetly of simple things, like trees and bees
of breath in lungs and birds on singing wings.
Of peacefulness, of wisdom, and serenity.
Of the mythical mother, Owed to my mythical mother
Ode for the giver of life. Owed to the giver of life.


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