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Funny Poem About A Nagging Wife

I wrote this as a song back in 1991. My wife was working and I was trying to have the house look fairly presentable when she came home so I wouldn't have to hear how she worked all day and had to come home to cook and clean the house. After washing the dishes, I simply said to myself, "Well, the dishes are done," and the rest of it just flowed after thought. People love it when I sing it to them.

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Couldn't help but lol when I read this. I can relate to it even though I am a woman !

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The Dishes Are Done


Published: January 2009

Well, the dishes are done,
There's nothing in the sink.
So I think I'll sit,
And pour myself a drink.
But just as I sit,
I hear her voice.
And I've got to get up,
Because I've got no choice.

You see, I've got this woman,
Who says she's my wife.
And says I promised to love her,
For the rest of my life.
She's awful bossy,
And overbearing too.
And she loves to tell me,
What to do!

She says, "Ronald, are the dishes done?
Did you wash and dry each one?
Ronald, did you put them away,
Don't you listen to what I say?"

And I say,

"Yes, Dear, the dishes are done,
I washed and dried each one.
Yes, Dear, I put them away,
Because I always do whatever you say."

But I don't know why,
I let her treat me this way.
And I swear to God,
I'm going to leave her some day.
I'm going to walk out,
And I'm going to have some fun.
But until that day,
The dishes will be done.

By Ronnie Doe

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  • Singapore by Singapore
  • 6 years ago

Couldn't help but lol when I read this. I can relate to it even though I am a woman !

  • Lubna Javed by Lubna Javed
  • 6 years ago

It is so funny esp. because on our side of the world men will be ridiculed for staying home and doing dishes. It is taken to be a woman's job whether she's working or not.
However, the times are changing now but still.......

  • Peter by Peter, Honduras
  • 7 years ago

Wow! this poem is fantastic, only a few tweaks and it will be perfect to share with my wife. I love her, but she gets bossy sometimes! lol

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