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  1. 41. Dancing With My Dad

    • By Rosemarie Ev Shaeffer
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems June 9, 2021

    Tribute to my dad, remembering and missing dancing with him through the years from a little girl in a Flamenco dress, jitter bugging in socks, and at parents' 50th wedding anniversary.

    Memories With Dad

    Socks glide across the kitchen floor,
    Arms spin me around once more.
    Best time I ever had,
    Was dancing with my Dad.

    Family and strangers gather round,
    Outdoor music, blaring sound.
    Familiar face and I'm so glad,
    Once more dancing with my Dad.

    Sitting beside him in the bed,
    Thinking about the life he led.
    Wishing he could rise; I'm mad,
    Not to be dancing with my Dad.

    Memories glide like a soft caress,
    Dark haired little girl in a fancy dress.
    Close my eyes, chase away the sad,
    Remember dancing with my Dad.

    Red cardinal, so bright to see,
    On the fence, reminder to me,
    The best time I ever had,
    Was dancing with my Dad.

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  2. 42. His Family

    I remember him working at his regular job and still coming home and working on the farm until it was dark. He always made sure we had everything we needed.

    Strong Dad Poem

    His hands are callused and worn.
    He works hard from sun up to sun down.
    And at the end of his toilsome day,
    A smile on his face is found.
    All the sweat that beads on his brow,
    Each drop that runs down his face.
    He has made it through another day,
    By God's amazing grace.
    He comes home to his family,
    At the end of his wearied day.
    And as they gather around the table,
    He bows his head and prays.
    "Thank you Lord for this day,
    And all the blessing set before me.
    Thank you for my wife and my children,
    And for another day as a family.
    For the strength to make each day,
    To work, to sweat and to bleed,
    And for Your amazing grace,
    Helping me provide for my family."
    He lifts his head with an amen,
    Looks at his family gathered around.
    And as they settle in for the night,
    A smile on his face is found.

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  3. 43. Ode To The Step-Dad

    • By Susan E. Winover
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2006

    Is it more special to be a birth father or to be a step-father?

    Poem For A Step Dad

    Although you're not my birth Dad,
    You've loved me since I was small,

    The road has not always been easy,
    I'm sure at times you've wondered,
    how you even got here at all,

    There may have been times when I
    was distant,
    Resenting you because you weren't
    my 'real' Dad,

    And when the going got real rough at times,
    I'm sure you felt you'd been had,

    But time is the great healer,
    She's patient and loving and kind,

    One day I woke up from my slumber,
    And with you, I just changed my mind,

    I decided you weren't such a bad guy,
    You really seemed like you cared,

    You seemed to make Mommy so happy,
    Perhaps I could open my heart just a wee
    little bit, a wee little bit if I dared,

    You stood there with arms wide open,
    When I decided to take 'the chance',

    It seemed so natural and made such sense,
    Like a lovely, well-choreographed dance,

    You never held it against me,
    Those early days when I wasn't so sure,

    And when you hold me so close and so dear,
    I now know our love is real and pure.

    Written for Audrey Rose, by Mommy

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  4. 44. To My Dad

    • By Cassi
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems May 2009

    This poem is for my Daddy. We may not always see eye-to-eye, but I will always love him.

    I wonder what it's like
    to not put up a fight
    with someone you're supposed to love so dearly
    and get some sleep at night.

    I look through these photos
    of me and you together,
    pictures of you and me smiling
    in nice or raining weather.

    I wish we could go back to that,
    smiling together every day,
    but now it's the occasional smile;
    it's just not the same today.

    Now I'm all grown up.
    I'm smart and strong-willed.
    You're still much smarter than me,
    and your strength just keeps on building.

    I'm tired of these fights
    and you making me mad.
    When I try to get along,
    the results just end up sad.

    So I'll keep trying
    for the moon and stars above.
    I may not act like it, Daddy,
    but you I will always love.

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    I can really understand this poem I'm 14 and everytime me and my dad talked we would end up yelling at each other and the conversation would end with him hitting me or kicking me to the...

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  5. 45. The Power Of Love

    • By Erika N. Workman
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2006

    A son yearns for his father to finally be at peace. He wants his father to just relax and be happy.

    A heart so gentle
    A heart so pure
    A heart so broken
    There seems to be no cure
    He does all he can
    For everyone else
    It's his turn to be happy
    A man so willing
    A man so kind
    A man so loving
    With too much on his mind
    He does all he can
    For everyone else
    It's his turn to be happy
    So I dedicate to him
    This poem and my life
    In hopes he will soon
    Be rid of all strife
    He does all he can
    For everyone else
    Dad, it's your turn to be happy
    I don't want you
    To work two jobs
    I don't want
    To see you cry
    I don't want you
    To keep losing sleep
    I'm scared you're going to die
    Please stop worrying
    There is no need to fear
    I don't want all the finest things
    I just want you here
    I know this doesn't amount
    To all you've done for me
    But I hope after reading this
    You will be able to see
    How much your happiness
    Means to me
    I love you dad...
    So be happy!

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  6. 46. Childhood Dreams

    • By Antoinette
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems April 2011

    My dad was a very powerful influence in my life, and when I think of him I know my life can only get better, he always made us smile even though he ruled with a fist of iron, he did it with love, taught me right from wrong and I miss him daily and this is my way of letting him know how much I loved him xx

    do you remember your childhood dreams
    summertime excitement and cold ice creams
    the glint of sunshine on your hair
    as you stood and wanted at the summer fair
    coconut shys and lucky dips
    sticky fingers and candy floss lips
    the flashing lights and thumping beat
    your tired eyes and aching feet
    your worn out legs so tired and heavy
    your daddies arms are strong and steady
    he holds you close his voice so clear
    his soothing words ring in your ear
    place you head upon my chest
    his cuddles warm this is the best
    this is a memory so strong and clear
    a lovely memory of yesteryear

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    This poem just tells my story. It just bought tears to my eyes. These are my memories. Exactly these. Don't have these anymore. Don't have my father loving me like this anymore. I go to bed...

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  7. 47. As A Boy

    • By Joel Miller
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems June 2008

    I just miss my dad

    Dad You Were The Best

    Well I grew up in the country.
    But things were never too bad.
    I have one person to thank.
    My always hard working dad.
    Sometimes there wasn't much for Christmas.
    But we always had something under the tree.
    At least one pair of shoes to wear all year.
    Before himself, dad always thought of me.
    I slept in a very cold room.
    Back then that's what we had to do.
    One wood heater in the living room.
    But dad's bedroom was cold too.
    We went to the grocery store once a week.
    It would always be on payday.
    Sometimes we would almost run out of food.
    Somehow dad always found a way.
    We hardly ever went on vacation.
    Maybe a quiet picnic on a summer day.
    But not too far away from home.
    Dad had worked overtime for extra pay.
    I never told you while you were here.
    Over twenty years now you have been at rest.
    You were the hardest working man I ever knew.
    And dad.......... You were the best.

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  8. 48. My Father's Words

    My father is a very good man and I wanted to express this in a poem.

    A Father's Way With Words

    My father is a man of his word
    A man interested in your word

    A man of many words
    A man of few words

    A man of encouraging words
    A man of truthful words

    A man of motivational words
    A man of calming words

    A man of loving words
    A man of instructional words

    A man of humorous, witty words
    A man of firm, gritty words

    A man of forgiving words
    A man of imperfect words

    A man who models God's Word
    My father, I appreciate his every word

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    Wow, I was fortunate to actually give this lovely poem a vote today. Now it's published. Congratulations! Well deserved.

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  9. 49. If You Could Only Hear

    • By Ashley Kramp
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems July 2008

    Hi, my name is Ashley and I recently lost my Dad on Memorial Day., May 26, 2008. He was 39. He has 3 grandsons who loved him very much. He committed suicide, which seemed a little strange considering the fact that my Aunt was coming from Eastern Shore the very next day to help him get his life together. Now that he's gone we all have to try to get OUR lives together. I love you Dad and you will always be missed!

    Dad Committed Suicide Poem

    If You Could Only Hear
    Hey Pop Pop, hey it's me...
    I would say this if I could only speak.
    But I know if you could hear,
    my gibberish would turn to words as they float to your loving ears.
    You would hear them say I love you in so many ways.

    So tell me Pop Pop,
    the name you so longed to hear,
    please tell me you'll be close and always be near.

    If you could hear,
    I'd tell you I miss you
    and Mommy does too
    and I'd tell you how great it was to have met you.

    If you could hear,
    I'd tell you I'll see you again one day,
    but I don't worry because I know you'll be watching over me all along the way.

    If you could hear,
    I'd tell you Mommy wishes you could come back
    but I know your up there to stay.
    But as I get older I'll have dreams of you and we'll finally get to play.

    This is what I would say if only you hear.

    In Loving Memory- Frank John Kramp
    August 29, 1967- May 26, 2008

    By: AshleyKramp
    May 27, 2008

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    Thanks to everyone who commented. I so sorry for all your losses. It is 5 years this Sunday of my dads suicide and instead of it getting easier it's getting harder. To any of those who like...

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