Break Up Poems

Poems about Breaking Up

Going through a breakup with a boyfriend or girlfriend is one of the most painful things that a teenager can experience. The anguish is intensified because the experience is fresh and new to them. After sharing your most intimate thoughts with another human being, you are no longer together. He or she is just another person that you pass in the hallway.

Breaking Up Poems


My Dandelion Hair

Poem About The Illusions Of Love

I gave him every ounce of my love,
But that wasn't enough.
I was patient when he made mistake after mistake,
But that wasn't enough.
I opened up myself mentally and physically,
But that wasn't enough.
And he took it, took my last bit of innocence,
But that wasn't enough
He wanted more, but not from me, from others like me,
And he vanished from me, gone like a dandelion in the wind.



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