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Poems about Breaking Up

Going through a breakup with a boyfriend or girlfriend is one of the most painful things that a teenager can experience. The anguish is intensified because the experience is fresh and new to them. After sharing your most intimate thoughts with another human being, you are no longer together. He or she is just another person that you pass in the hallway.

Breaking Up Poems


Hard Times

Poem About Girlfriend Cheating

Richard Shuman February 15 at 8:21pm

You know I can't go on with any regret
Our relationship is hard like a game of roulette
We're off and on so constantly
And you cheating... Come on, honestly.

This is a hard thing to say but needs to be said
I can't go on being with you... sometimes I'd rather be dead
You treat me so bad and make me cry
Don't worry anymore, no need to lie.

You have hurt me a lot and I want you to know
I will never love you again so let me go
I've made up my mind, I've made my choice
I soon will be happy and able to rejoice.

It's over now you should think long and hard
Maybe next time you won't cheat and be a retard
I loved you so much and you acted like normal
You even got yourself a date to the Valentines Formal.

I treated you no less than my queen
You went behind my back and f*cked someone 18
You lost my trust you broke my heart
Now I need to reboot and maybe restart.

You drink too much and cheat even more
I hate you so much you're a cheap filthy whore
You hurt me so bad and it makes me sick
So it's over bitch, you can suck on my dick.



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