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  1. It's Time

    • By Jack Eckhardt
    • Published: October 2013
    Poem About Getting Over An Ex

    It makes me wonder if this was ever meant to be
    How could she want that guy and forget about me
    She says that he could be the one
    But everyone knows she will be hurt when it is done...

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    I fell in love with his beautiful blue eyes and amazing smile but now that we are over it's hard to see him with another girl. Now when I look at him and his beautiful face I want to grab his...

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  3. Confusion 'Til The End

    • By G''Angela Jumper
    • Published: September 2015
    Poem About Confusion After A Break Up

    I look around and see destruction
    After my heart returned from its abduction
    It followed my every move
    As if it had something to prove

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  4. You Will Lose Me One Day

    • By Haseena Khan
    • Published: March 2011

    what my heart wants to say???
    You make me feel like I don't matter
    its like you just don't care
    you only want me because you you know I'm always there...

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    That's what we girls need to do. Guys hurting us and we just keep letting them hurt us but we need to be stronger. When he's smiling at you just walk away, don't let him control you. Show him...

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  6. Silence

    • By Joey Lockwood
    • Published: April 2017
    Wondering What Went Wrong

    As I lie here in silence,
    It all sets in.
    My pain, my suffering,
    My sorrow.

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  7. Missing You

    Missing Ex Boyfriend Poem

    I lie in bed awake at night
    Replay what we used to be
    I can't believe it's over now
    And you have moved on without me...

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    So I dated this guy for a short time, and I might be crazy but in that time I fell in love with him and then he broke my heart when he broke up with me and then I find out a few days later he...

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  8. Don't Forget Me

    • By Michaela Warren
    • Published: June 2009

    Wait baby, just wait for a second,
    I can't let you go just yet.
    I cant give up what we had
    oh I just can't forget....

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    I have a crush on this girl but I don't think she really notices. True we're friends but I wish our relationship could get deeper. Occasionally I see her hanging around with other guys and I...

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  10. You Confused Me

    What Did I Do Wrong? Poem

    The time it is taking
    To build this wall between us
    Is just time being wasted.
    How do you expect me to open up to you

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  11. The Break-Up To Remember

    Remember when the teacher caught us passing notes in the middle of class?
    when she looked at me & you,
    & we looked at each other lost,
    & didn't know what to do,...

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    I went through a breakup some time ago and I remember our conversations were like that calling me and I ask do you love me and he always said I got to go or can I call you later or I gotta...

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  12. Never Again

    • By Nea Angel -Ashley
    • Published: December 2011

    you promised me forever,
    so I thought,
    you said "I'd never leave you for anyone in the world,"
    so I thought,...

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  13. The Silent Fight

    • By Chris Morse
    • Published: May 2012

    You had me believing that we hadn't fought,
    But when I heard the truth, my heart was a knot.
    I try to hide pain; I pretend it's all through,
    But it comes flooding back when I see him with you....

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