Break Up Poems

Poems about Breaking Up

Going through a breakup with a boyfriend or girlfriend is one of the most painful things that a teenager can experience. The anguish is intensified because the experience is fresh and new to them. After sharing your most intimate thoughts with another human being, you are no longer together. He or she is just another person that you pass in the hallway.

Breaking Up Poems


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  1. Broken Hearted

    • By Elizabeth L. Chalupka
    • Published: March 19, 2019
    How Do You Heal A Broken Heart?

    How do you heal a broken heart
    When your whole world has fallen apart?
    I still have hope in every new day,
    Even though I love you and you walked away.

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    I also have suffered a broken heart, and I'm still choking on the slivered pieces. There is not a day that goes by that my eyes don't moisten like the morning dew. When my everything left, my...

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  3. Misled

    Lies And Broken Promises

    I loved him, but he didn't feel the same.
    It's my own fault; there's only me to blame.
    I shouldn't have trusted in all he said.
    Just got to face it...I was misled.

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  4. Done With You And Your Lies

    • By Alyssa N Fajardo
    • Published: August 2017
    Moving On From A Breakup

    We were so perfect together.
    All of our friends thought so.
    I never thought we would end.
    But we did; you stooped so low.

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  6. Fear And Fear Not

    Not Afraid To Walk Away

    I am not afraid to walk away.
    If this is the only way for you
    To realize my true worth,
    I will do it.

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  7. Why Weren't You There?

    • By Crystal
    • Published: July 2017

    You weren't there.
    You never cared.
    You played a good act,
    That is a true fact.

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  8. Silence

    • By Joey Lockwood
    • Published: April 2017
    Wondering What Went Wrong

    As I lie here in silence,
    It all sets in.
    My pain, my suffering,
    My sorrow.

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  10. He's Gone

    Descriptive Poem About Feelings After A Breakup

    He's gone,
    Like a shadow when the sun goes down.
    The magic fades when he turns around.

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    Great descriptors that paint a picture for the reader. Looking forward to read more from you!

  11. It's The End

    • By Sarah
    • Published: February 2017

    He said he didn't want to hurt me,
    So why do I feel this pain?
    The rusty knife in my heart
    Lets the deep wounds bleed.

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  12. Fatal Blow

    • By Samantha
    • Published: November 2016
    Fizzling Relationship

    Each day when I glance up into your empty eyes,
    A part of my broken heart dies.
    I can't help but tell you I love you when I don't mean it.
    If you would just let me go, it would be to both of our benefit.

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    Broken heart,
    Love ends up like the burning candle.
    Yeah! It glows harder when about to sprangle.
    I was insane; falling in love is not a game,
    But I continued playing it again and again.

  13. We Were The Perfect Two

    • By Daisy Thompson
    • Published: October 2016
    The Pain I Felt After You Left

    I lie awake on my bed and think of you.
    Oh, how I wish you had a clue.
    I think of the times we spent together.
    I wish those memories would last forever.

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