Crying Poems by Teens

Tears that well up, push together, and throw themselves over the rim of your eye can be the result of so many different emotions and situations. Sometimes crying is a healthy release for stress, disappointment, and even anger. Other times, tears fall from sheer frustration or feelings of worthlessness or shame. Such tears fall when a person has been strong for too long and their heart can no longer bear the pain. Crying is a necessary way to cleanse your soul of its suffering. Sometimes, it is the first step to rediscovering happiness.

Poems To Make You Cry


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  1. Why Me, God?

    • By Hyllary
    • Published: July 2012
    Prayer to God Poem

    Dear God,

    I would like to thank you for what you've already done for me
    I know I have many sins...

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    I think people can change and be unique. BE YOURSELF! If people don't like it, they don't deserve you!

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  3. Tears

    • By Jordan
    • Published: July 2010
    A Strong Girl Never Cries

    Walking through the rain,
    I try to forget the pain.
    I try to ignore the sting in my eyes,
    because I know, a strong girl never cries....

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    This poem seems to be rather old, but I'm just now stumbling upon it and I swear it was fate. I read through the comments and felt such a deep connection. Like a lot of you, my childhood...

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  4. I Wish I Could Cry

    • By Amanda
    • Published: June 2012

    I just wish I could break down
    let it all out, finally be found.

    I'm tired of hiding from what hurts...

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    This poem really reached out to me as I have many years worth of emotions piled up behind a barrier that refuses to come out.

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  6. Loneliness

    • By Angelica Lopez
    • Published: July 2012
    Loneliness and Isolation Poem

    See the girl
    Standing in the corner
    No words, always quiet
    A loner...

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    I hope I have seen this in time for you. I relate. Please tell me I reached you in time because I care, even if I don't know you.

  7. I Am Your Tear

    • By Lauren
    • Published: January 2016
    Poem About Never Ending Sorrow

    I am your tear.
    I make you look weak,
    minding my own business
    strolling down your cheek.

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  8. Emotions.....

    • By Arsh
    • Published: July 2012

    I like playing with guns and knifes
    I like to think about taking my life
    want to jump from the 13th floor of my building
    the cut inside my heart is never healing...

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  10. Another Teen Dies

    • By Zeretha Amos
    • Published: February 2012

    Sometimes I wish I was a cloud and I could live in the sky. And then my life wouldn't be just a big lie. When people think/say I'm beautiful I ask them why. Sometimes I can't bare my own ugliness and I could just die.

    Sometimes I ask myself why me? Why am I here? Why can't I just be happy?

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  11. Attention-Seeker

    • By Abbey
    • Published: August 2011

    This page is blank, in your mind
    These words aren't here,
    These words are lies.
    your home is nothing of a home...

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    My old brother is addicted to drugs and my mother is a single parent so my brother is abusing us by selling our clothes and furniture and sometimes he will beat my mother. All this effects me...

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  12. Tears

    • By Israel Scialabba
    • Published: January 2014
    My Life In An Abusive Family

    Thousands of tears
    Rush down my face.
    Inside my mouth,
    Blood is all I taste.

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  13. Is There Any World For Us?

    • By Kavindi
    • Published: September 2013

    Thinking about my Life
    Crying in every minute
    Never hoping for something
    Because I'm hopeless...

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