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Poems about Saying I'm Sorry

No human being is perfect. We all make mistakes, yet it is so hard to admit that we are wrong. A famous line from the book Love Story by Erich Segal states that "Love means never having to say you're sorry". This may sound romantic but it is a really bad line to live by. Apologies are necessary in every relationship. Apologies are the building block of relationships. If a family has any hope of staying together, there will be frequent and sincere apologies.

Apology Poems


A Promise

Wanting To Go Back To How Things Used To Be

I don't think I have ever truly said
how sorry I am.
I hurt you so bad that day,
'cause I didn't think you meant it.
You said you loved me,
but I thought you were lying,
like everyone else.
The words I said
I didn't mean.
I thought I was saving myself
from the pain you'd cause,
but really I caused myself more.
I said I didn't care,
that I wanted to be friends.
But now we're not even close
to what we used to be.
I miss your hugs.
I miss your kisses.
I wish we could go back
to the time before those words.
But I know we could never,
so I hope we can build up
to the times before.
We talk now,
we laugh again,
we said we will try again
when we're older
and smarter.
Do you think it will work?
I hope it will.
I do still love you
and wish I could see you again.
That's years ahead.
I love you,
and that I hope you know.
We will see one another again,
I promise you that,
but until then,
I want you to remember
I love you,
I miss you,
and I will never forget you.
Forever and eternity,
and that I can promise.



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I am just speechless. The author was so deep. I wonder what he went through to write such a great poem. It is really touchy, well thought out, and well done. I would give 1000 stars.

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