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Daddy Please Come Back Poem

I am a twelve year old girl and my dad is not a part of my life. I don't know why he left us alone but I know if he tries to find me, I will tell him to get lost. He has no idea what he's missing. I'm done trying to find him and done hoping that he will come back. Because I know he won't.

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I Hate You


Published: February 2013

Mom thought she loved you,
And that you loved her in turn.
But evidently that was never the case.
You wormed yourself deep into her heart.
You lit something up that hadn't been touched for over a decade.
You became her one.
You got her pregnant.
You physically abused her,
The one carrying your third child.
She ended up finding out about your addictions.
You stole from her.
You did so much wrong,
And took advantage of the many chances she gave you.
All you had to do was look deeply into her eyes and say,
"I'm sorry."
Your child was born and you weren't even there.
You never signed her birth certificate.
The last time you saw her, she was six months old.
She heard your voice for the last time at five years old.
You abandoned them.
You abandoned me.
I needed you.
You let me down as a father.
I have all this rage, disappointment, and sadness.
What did I do Daddy to make you run away?
Can't you just tell me what happened to the love you once shared with her?
I hate you for what you did.
I just wish we could be family Daddy.
Please come back.



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