Divorce Poem

Poem About Parents Arguing

My parents are currently going through struggles, and I'm sure there will be a divorce. They hurt my little sister and me very much because we can hear them arguing. This is my first poem.

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Danger At Home


Published: June 2016

I'm looking at the ceiling
Or I'm kneeling.
Feeling tears fall from my eyes,
I can see my family bleeding.

I ask her to cover her ears,
Like I always cover mine.
She lies and says she is fine,
But she's a little past nine.

You can hear mother screaming;
I wish that I was dreaming.
Father thinks he is preaching;
I wish I wasn't breathing.

I crank the music louder,
I can almost feel it.
I wonder when it will be over
And pray it won't take over.

They put us in pain,
They are inhumane,
But we look out the windowpane
And wait for it not to rain.



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