Mother Death Poem

I Wish I Could Do It Differently

My mother and I weren't as close as I would have liked it to have been, and now it has come to its end.

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Just One More Chance


Published: January 2017

If I could go back in time
Just to say what is on my mind,
I would let you see my tears fall,
Not just once but all the time.
If I had the chance to say I'm sorry,
I would say it to you every time I had
Ever hurt you.

I know I am not all that bad,
But I am the child
You never wanted to have.
I know you never told me that,
But rumors do have a way of coming back.

One more chance if I could,
Just to let you hear my voice,
Where nothing gets misunderstood.
I want you to hear my words,
Hear all my pain,
Let it rain.
I would take your hand, Mom
And say over and over again,

If I could take all your pain away,
Oh mom, I would.
If I had one more chance to make the choice
Of where life had once put us,
I would have changed it and made things right.
Mom, if you only knew
I always prayed for you.
I always wanted you to know
How much I truly loved you.

If I had the chance to look you in the eyes,
I would have had you see
All the beauty you've given to me.
I would hug you and thank you for all you have done.
I would do all I could
Just to put another smile back on your face.
Oh Mom, I hurt so bad.
I just wish I had one more chance.
I would do my best to take all the gray days away,
And if I couldn't, I would dance with you
Out in the rain just to wash away all the pain,
But I have no more chances; you are already gone.



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