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I'm fourteen and have a bad history. When I was three my parents would get into physical fights and I would get in between them. I would get hit and hurt badly. They divorced and my mom got with a d***. For 3 years he abused me. With all the hurt I started cutting. Then I got a wonderful boyfriend that got me to stop cutting. Sometimes I feel the need to cut but I talk to him instead and sometimes he runs to my house just to hold me. I love him and he is truly my savior.

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This an amazing poem. I'm sorry that this happened to you but I'm glad that you have your boyfriend to support you. Stay strong!

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Pain, Cuts, And Scars


Published: June 2012

The blood doesn't pour out anymore,
But the scares still show,
Will these wounds heal or be forever sore,
The memories shine a bright glow.

The pain still remains,
The tears still fall,
Rivers of the blood still stains,
My wall remains tall.

A razor blade craved into my wrist,
Every cut shows pain,
Every scar has a story with a twist,
To many problems to explain.

There is no where to hide,
No reason to even try,
Inside I have already died,
As I disappear, I break down and cry.


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  • Jasmine Nash by Jasmine Nash
  • 8 years ago

This an amazing poem. I'm sorry that this happened to you but I'm glad that you have your boyfriend to support you. Stay strong!

  • Stacey Sterne by Stacey Sterne
  • 9 years ago

Your poem made me cry, I have cut myself before and I'm not ashamed of it. I've cut because of my parents because the kids at my school would bully me, my moms boyfriend would beat me and my mom would do nothing but cry. You have done something people wish they had the courage to do. You wrote about your pain. For the people who have shared their story my name is Stacey I know life is hard it's a bitch I know believe me if anyone in the world would know it's me. But you have to fight back fight with everything you have . When you get the urge to cut take a sharpie and draw the lines on your arm or wrist or whereever you cut. It may not be the same but it helps a little I write when I get the urge.

  • Lelian by Lelian
  • 9 years ago

I understand all of you. I've went through soooooo much! I've been bullied for 6 years, I've been abused almost all my life, and hurt by so many other personal reasons. I try to tell family but we are religious as well and if I told them they would probably kill me before I kill myself. I've cut a lot and come soo close to my death. I complained to many friends.

  • Serra by Serra
  • 9 years ago

I cut. I just started and I really wish I hadn't. I can't tell anybody because we're a religious family and it would be a scandal. What can I do to stop without having to tell anyone? Any suggestions would totally be appreciated.

  • Victoria by Victoria, Mexico City
  • 9 years ago

Such a truly beautiful and yet very powerful poem you wrote..and trust me I know exactly how you feel, cuz for the longest time I've felt like that and sometimes I still do, but thanks to an amazing best guy friend that I have and love so much has helped me in more than one way.. and I'm proud you found that special someone.. I truly loved your poem and I felt it so deeply that it reminds me a part of me.

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