STOP Cutting Poem

This Poem is about me mostly, but I don't die.
I've been addicted to cutting for so long and I'm now trying to stop, but I'm going through withdrawals.

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She Can't Stop Cutting


Published: July 2011

The blood trickles down her arm,
As she cuts a pretty picture.
After is all done,
She's sees the mess she's created.
Blood trickles down her arm once more,
She realizes she can't stop.
She doesn't want her life to revolve,
Around her pretty pictures.
She tries to stop,
But people keep making fun.
She finds herself again,
Cutting, Cutting, Cutting.
So many cuts,
So little time left.
She finds herself bleeding,
Not being able to stop.
She's now on the ground,
As the pretty pictures,
Took her life away.

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