Depression Poem by Teens

Well...we had to write a poem for an assignment and I never did it...until my teacher threatened me with after school detentions so I quickly wrote this up in 10mins. I have many family members with depression and many of my friends have depression and I also have my doubts about me having it. So yeah that's basically why I wrote this poem.

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Silent Tears


Published by Family Friend Poems July 2011

Walking through the cloud and rain,
A fake smile upon her face to hide away the pain.
A silent tear escapes her eye,
She wishes she could just lay down and die.

She runs to her room and locks the door,
She looks into the mirror and doesn't recognize the girl looking back anymore.
She grabs a razor and cuts in deep,
With the warm read liquid running down her arm, she falls into a deep, deep sleep.

Awaking in a white bed,
She thinks her dream has come true and that she is finally dead.
Until a nurse walks in to check upon her dressing,
Her dream is crushed, and this has caused her stressing.

Her doctors have put her on medication,
Form her family and herself, this will consist of dedication.
And for the rest of her life, she must live mentally and physically scarred,
Never wanting to leave her own backyard.


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