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The romantic connection that exists between girlfriends and boyfriends is the subject of much poetry and prose. There tends to be so much drama in a romantic relationship that it is often hard to tell how authentic the feelings between the two people are. We can't help it, it seems that as soon as our hormones get involved we lose our heads. It becomes impossible to think clearly about whether the relationship should continue. Often, only after the relationship has ended and we have gained some distance can we figure out what the relationship was really about.


The Perfect Lie

  • By Mel
  • Published: November 2015
Poem About Boyfriend Being Interest In Others

My friends look at me like I'm crazy,
But you look at me like I'm your baby.
As long as you hold me and flash me your smile,
I'll be your girl, your princess all the while.

People say there's someone besides me,
Why can't they just leave me be?!
I ask you if it's just a rumor
You tell me no, but your eyes give me a different answer.

You promise me love, it can be done
You told me if it hurts it's just more fun.
You hold me close and allow me to dream
Facing reality makes my tears stream.

Your kiss makes me gullible
Your promises make me hopeful
My friends shoot me from the sky
When I'm flying thousands of feet high.

Take my hand again, let me believe
Where are you going? NO, don't leave!
I knew it was coming, please not now!
I'm a bad girlfriend? Please show me how.
What is that? Who is she?
Is this the girl better than me?
As you kiss her lips, I begin to cry.
There is such a thing as the perfect lie!



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