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The most heartbreaking sadness of all. How depressed and alone must a person feel to contemplate taking this drastic step. When a person feels that he has lost all control of his life, he may contemplate suicide. It is often a cry for help, the only way to make the world take them seriously. Sadly enough, attempted suicides are often seen as the only effective method to help a person get the help they need. For this reason people who feel that they have exhausted all other options may make a suicide attempt.

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Ode To Bruce Perry

Poem About The Tragedy Of Teen Suicide

One more youth was lost today;
He shot himself in front of his classmates.

A cigarette in one hand, the gun in the other,
A name faintly whispered, maybe his mother's.

He seemed OK, a well liked guy;
Nobody knew he wanted to die.

So he took his life because no one could hear;
His silent torment ended this year.

It seems so senseless, useless too,
For not long after you're gone, no one remembers you!

Was it so bad? What were you thinking?
Could you not reach out? Did you know you were sinking?

Hey, we've all been down; life can be so cruel;
Hiding our fears, playing it cool.

If anyone else is out there trembling inside,
Finger on a trigger, trying to decide,

Please stop, talk to a friend!
Let someone know your rope's at its end!

Perhaps you are thinking, "Who gives a damn?"
Well, I do, I understand!

And I am patiently waiting;
Just hold out your hand!



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