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This is a poem i wrote about my beautiful mother who passed away in 2005 with cancer.. miss you everyday .. jennifer xxxxx

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My mom, Ozell Washington, was born May 23, 1924 and died March 7, 2018 at the age of 93. She had 4 sons and 1 daughter, me. I'm the youngest. My mom and dad were hard working, truly good...

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An Angel We Lost


Published: October 2011

February 1st 2005
was the most heartbreaking day of all,
in the early hours of the morning
we got a dreadful call.
After I hung up the phone
I quickly called dad and my brother,
we had to rush to the hospital
and try make it to see my mother.
When we arrived at the hospital
the Priest held out his hand,
He said "I am sorry she's gone"
she is gone to another land.
I wanted to wake her
for I taught you were asleep,
but the Angel's had taken her
to Heaven to keep.
The biggest heartbreak of all
is we never said goodbye,
you were gone before we knew it
to the castle in the sky.
God seen the road was getting tough
when a cure was not to be,
he said "Ann take my hand"
and walk this way with me.
We were not there to hear your last breadth
to even hold your hand,
but god carried you like your favourite poem
"Footprint's In The Sand".
God seen you getting tired
so an Angel he did send,
you were more than a mother to me
you were a very wonderful friend.
If you still have your mother
please cherish her with care,
cause it only really hits you
when you turn and she's not there.
I often told you I loved you
and how much you meant to me,
If I could walk to Heaven
I would go and set you free.
You died at the age of 51
when you should of been at your best,
God seen your pain and suffering
and said you need some rest.
I think of you a lot
your always in my prayer,
I know you're looking down on me
in fact, you're everywhere.
Heaven must be a beautiful place
cause loved one's always stay,
I know your happy up above
in each and every way.
I used to sit at home
staring at the phone on the wall,
hoping and praying
that one day you will call.
We have been Through a lot
at an early age in life,
why did you take her away
a mother and darling wife.
I look up at the night sky
and wonder where you might be,
I would love to send you this poem
"Could you send one to me" ?
I have learnt to lead a life apart from all the rest,
what a wonderful woman you were
in fact you were the best.
You died on the feast of St. Bridget
every year we would make a cross,
I often ask God why he took you
and left me with this loss.
You were a very strong woman
who had been through quiet a lot,
if you still have your mother
give her everything you've got.
This poem was easy write
for it came straight from the heart,
but writing about a woman like you
I didn't know where to start.
Daddy has his days
for his heart is broke in two,
he sits and play's his guitar
and sings a song for you.
So god if your listening
tell my mother up above,
how much I really miss her
and please give her all my love



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  • Patricia Washington by Patricia Washington
  • 2 years ago

My mom, Ozell Washington, was born May 23, 1924 and died March 7, 2018 at the age of 93. She had 4 sons and 1 daughter, me. I'm the youngest. My mom and dad were hard working, truly good people. They raised their baby girl in inner city, gave me an education, and unconditional love. They never let me go, even when I let myself go. Now she is with my dad, her husband of 64 years. My dad died 12 years ago, and I laid her to rest today.

  • Caitlin Ostlund by Caitlin Ostlund, Usa
  • 5 years ago

I can get where your coming from all too well. I too lost my mother from cancer, just the day after you did actually. And it never seems real, it still doesn't. But you will make her proud as an amazing young woman in this world and she will be proud to have had a daughter such as you.

  • Amy Foster by Amy Foster, Mass
  • 6 years ago

This poem is beautiful and really hit me. I just lost my mom on September 24, 2014 due to cancer. I can relate. She had went to the hospital due to the pain and her mouth being crooked and they did an MRI and to find out some of the cancer cells went up her spine to her brain but was still to the point they could catch it. They sent her to a rehab for physical therapy and radiation for two weeks. Wednesday morning (September 24, 2014) at around 7:45am she had sent my sister and I an text message saying "good night". We both got confused by that and called the rehab to be told she was brought to the hospital. By the time we got there she was gone, so we didn't get to say goodbye. Her passing hit real quick and unexpectedly because Tuesday night (September 23, 2014) my sister and I had went to visit her and she seemed fine, she was talking to us and knowing what she was talking about, laughing and joking around with us. The doctor at the rehab wanted her to go to the hospital a few days prior and she said no that she would be fine, my sister and I feel that she held on until she got to see my sister and I one last time together. My moms favorite poem and song was Footprints as well. My mom was only 52. My mother and I also went through a lot, especially in my early teen years, I gave her such a hard time but it was because of her I have changed, otherwise there is no telling if I would have been in jail or dead by now. I am 24 now, and I am still doing good and I am going to continue making her proud because I know she's watching over me. I am sorry for your loss of your mom even though it's been about 9 years, I know the pain is still there it will never go away, we just get better at handling the pain.

  • Anitra Harrison by Anitra Harrison, Houston
  • 8 years ago

I could really relate to this poem, especially the part about not being able to say goodbye. I've been praying and asking GOD to please send my mom down to me for just a second so that I can see her one more time to say I love you and goodbye.

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